When all the three Doshas are governing the body equally no doubt there will be perfect balance and a fellow will be completely healthy. According to Ayurveda a fellow can be said completely healthy only when all the three Doshas in his body are in harmony with each other. But it is very hard to maintain this balance. There are very few food articles which are balancing for all the three Doshas; most of them are either aggravating or pacifying for one or more Doshas. This is the reason that a Tridosha fellow is easily affected by any disease.

So you need to be much more careful about your diet and lifestyle than other body types.

The whole universe is governed by three forces i.e. the force of moon; sun and the force of the air. The same three are represented by the three Doshas in our body namely Kapha; Pitta and Vata.

All the three Doshas are there in each and every part of the body even then the Kapha Dosha is dominant in upper one third of the body; Pitta occupies the middle one third while lower one third is the area of Vata dominance. This specific dominance of these three Doshas in different parts of body is very important for treatment purpose. The first thing is that the diseases resulting from a specific Dosha will affect a fellow in that particular area i.e. Kapha Diseases will prevail in the upper one third of the body (cough, cold and respiratory problem are special to mention here.)

Aggravation of the fiery Pitta Dosha will result in diseases hyperacidity, heart burn, liver problems and others which are the diseases of the middle one third of the body. Similarly the Vata diseases are specially found in the lower one third of the body. Here the problems related with the evacuation of feces, all gynecological problems can be mentioned.

This knowledge of the dominance of a Dosha in a specific part of the body is also helpful in planning for the treatment. These Doshas can be managed from the area of their dominance as told above. Accordingly the Kapha Diseases can be managed and treated by the Panchakarma therapy which specially involves the area of Kapha dominance. This is the reason Vamana is employed for treatment of Kapha Diseases.

Similarly Virechana and Basti treatments are employed in the diseases of Pitta and Vata dominance respectively.