Pitta Kapha Dosha

One Dosha is hot like fire while the other is cold like water. So what will be the condition of the association? Will the fire evaporate the whole water or water will extinguish the fire? If we imagine about this combination in our surroundings we will expect the result something like these two only; but when this Dosha combination is there in the body nothing like this will happen. There are more chances that these will balance each other.

Even though these two Doshas are having opposite potency these are aggravated by same tastes sour and salty. Means if a fellow is taking the sour and salty food stuffs he is deteriorating his health in two folds. It is also a fact that excess of the sour and salty food stuffs is also told as the etiologic factor for all allergic and immunity related health problems. So we can understand why the Pitta and Kapha fellows are more prone to allergic and immunity related health issues.

But it never means that you should be too much anxious to find out the way to balance both of these two Doshas.

The special thing which makes handling these two Dosha simultaneously is that both of these are pacified by the bitter and astringent tastes. So when a fellow is dominated by the Pitta and Kapha Dosha he should prefer bitter and astringent tastes over all others. Sour and salty taste should be least favored while he can take sweet and bitter tastes off and on.

This management of Dosha will also be of great help in management of diseases. For example in diabetes (which is having involvement of both Pitta and Kapha Dosha) the usage of the astringent taste foods is always recommended. Here it is working for pacifying both the main Doshas.

Kapha and Pitta Doshas are dominating in the upper and middle one thirds of the body respectively. This closeness of two opposite Doshas might create some problems specially when a Dosha gets too much aggravated that it invades in the area of adjoining Dosha i.e. if the cold Kapha Dosha is invading in the area of Pitta Dosha it will definitely disturb the working of the Pitta Dosha. Same is very true in other way also. Indigestion and acidic belching are because of this invasion of a Dosha in the area of it’s near by Dosha. 

One more condition might be there; different Dosha dominance physically and psychologically. When it happens there will be conditions of friction as these are opposite to each other in basic nature. Pitta in psychology will make a fellow too much ambitious such that you will be interested in changing the whole system of the world while the sluggish Kapha Dosha dominance on physical level; will make him dormant. In this way there will be a fight with in the body for doing and not doing. In this fight you will be always in loss as it will disturb your metabolism and immune system.

So be aware about maintaining these two Dosha in harmony with each other and enjoy a healthy life!!!