Pitta Kapha Body Type

Kapha with Pitta…..Fire along with the water component. As these are opposite to each other so these will try to balance each other. But there might be some problems because of this association of opposite Doshas. These two Doshas bring strength, smoothness, Aggression, emotions and intellectual powers. 

Physical Traits of Pitta Kapha Body Type

  • Good physical health
  • Oily skin
  • Fast and steady movements
  • Easy in hot and dry season
  • Gastric problems because of high toxin level
  • High thirst level
  • Weight gain tendency
  • Difficulty in losing weight

Psychological Traits of Pitta Kapha Body Type

  • Ups and downs in psychology
  • Aggressive in nature with high patience level
  • Quick to learn and needs reasoning behind the things
  • Very calculative
  • High sensitivity level
  • Good mental balance
  • Fond of luxury and lazy
  • A good combination of stability and adaptability

Body Systems controlled by the Pitta Kapha Dosha

Skin disease: Both the Pitta and Kapha Doshas are oily in nature which results in too much oil in skin and proneness towards skin allergy.

Respiratory System: respiratory system is governed by the Kapha Dosha and dominance of this Dosha makes you prone to respiratory allergies.

Immune System: Immunity is governed by the Kapha Dosha while Pitta Dosha adds in sensitivity resulting in hypersensitivity responses.

Metabolism: Due to Kapha Dosha your metabolism will be sluggish while the association of Pitta will demand for more and more food which will further disturb the metabolism and increases chances of metabolic disorders.

Body Weight: While Kapha increases the tendency of storage; the Pitta Dosha causes high appetite level resulting in excessive weight gain. 

Diseases of Pitta Kapha Body Type


Respiratory System

Immune System



Skin allergy,




Rashes on skin

Repetitive Cough and cold



Bronchial Asthma

Seasonal Respiratory allergy

Weak lungs 

Seasonal problems like sinusitis, influenza.

Frequent infections


Auto immune diseases 

Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis,


Excessive storage of energy


Weight gain

Ups and downs in psychology i.e. cool and calm at certain moments while aggravated at other moments

Period of aggravtions are short

High emotional level



Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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