Pitta Body Type

Digestion of the foods and cultivation of energy from the food is the main objective of Pitta in the body. Beside this Pitta is also responsible for the psychological qualities of the body like emotions. Pitta is analytical, aggressive and alert type of Dosha.

Physical Traits of Pitta DoshaPitta body type Ayurveda

  • Moderate and medium body type
  • Red and cupric tint of skin
  • Moderate body weight
  • Body weight will be optimum in normal case
  • Moles, black heads on skin
  • Sharpness in activities
  • Yellow tint of the teeth
  • Fond of luxury
  • Precise and calculative movements
  • Scanty hairs on scalp
  • Greying of hairs in early age
  • Baldness
  • Bad smell in body parts and sweat

Psychological Traits of Pitta Dosha

  • High in emotions
  • Good in learning
  • Needs logic and reasoning to understand the things
  • Sharp memory, relation based
  • Anxiety and high emotions
  • Calculates everything before doing something
  • Aggressive and arranged mostly
  • Uncontrolled Anger
  • Cannot face the grieves

Body Systems controlled by the Pitta Dosha

Cardiac System: Heart is overactive with the Pitta people, because you are high in emotions always and you take yourself responsible for many things. Secondly you have aggression and anger which works as add on for the problems.

Skin and hairs: Skin and hairs can tell quickly about your Dosha, Mr. Pitta! Grey hairs, baldness, moles and black heads on skin, cupric tint of the body.

Blood Related Systems: Hypertension is the commonest thing with Pitta persons beside this high or too low volume of the blood and problems with the blood associated systems like spleen etc. is very common with Pitta Prakruti.  

Digestive System: Pitta resides and controls the digestive system, so this is by default that there will be some problems with the digestive system.

Liver and Bile system: Production of bile and excretion of bile both are controlled by the Pitta alone, so this system is prone for the problems in case of Pitta dominance.  

Psychological Disturbances: Emotions cause anger and anger brings many other problems, this is the baseline for the Pitta body type.

Diseases of Pitta Body Type

Cardiac  Systems

Digestive System

Liver & Bile System

Skin and Hairs


Angina pectoris
Coronary disease
Cardio-vascular attack


Hyper acidity
Peptic ulcers
Duodenal ulcers
Inflammatory Bowel disorder
Sensitive bowels
Repetitive diarrhoea


Fatty Liver
Bile stones
Portal vein hypertension


Grey hairs
Skin diseases (all type of)
Moles and Black heads
Acne in all ages
Skin rashes
Problems with skin pigmentation
Excessive foul smelling sweat

Disturbed  Sleep Anxiety
Always worried

Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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