Kapha Vata Dosha

Vata is the only mobile attribute of the body; while Kapha is the most stagnant attribute. What will be the conditions when these opposite attributes will be altogether? There are two possibilities; either these will balance each other or there will be constant friction between these. Vata and Kapha have some common characters also such as both are aggravated by the cold. So there will be both the conditions of balance and friction.

The balance will specially benefit the fellow on psychological level. The instability of the Vata Dosha will be counteracted by the stable Kapha Dosha. No doubt there will be bouts of ups and downs (being the most mischievous Dosha no one can hold on Vata for long period and definitely it will show its presence). But these ups and downs will be for short time periods only.

Physically there are more chances of the health disturbances by this association of the Doshas. Kapha Dosha will result in deposition and stagnancy of different secretions in the body especially in upper one third of the body (as this is the area of Kapha dominance naturally) and because of the dryness produced by Vata Dosha the deposition will become too hard to remove.  

There is one more condition also i.e. one Dosha is dominating the body one physical level while another one is taking charge of the psychological part. If the Kapha Dosha is dominating on physical level, the fellow will represent all the signs of Kapha dominance like robust body structure, well developed muscles, easy weight gain but psychologically there will be lots of ups and downs, anxiety and restlessness.

In opposite condition i.e. Vata at physical level while Kapha at psychological level; the fellow will be lean and thin, very active and hardly gain weight while on psychological level he will be dormant, not interested in any activity. Here you can see his body is asking him to move ahead while psychologically he is not interested in this kind of stuff. This will result in un-oriented body movements.