Kapha Vata Body Type

Kapha with Vata …..water supported by the Air is the condition of your Kapha Vata Body type. These are opposite to each other so when these two Kapha and Vata meet these bring up downs in health. At one time you might have dryness in body while at other moment smoothness might be there. Kapha brings lethargy while Vata tries to make you mobile. Similar fluctuations will also be there in all aspects of your health.

Physical Traits of  Kapha Vata Body Type

  • Body weight easy to gain and easy to loose
  • Dryness in the body
  • Fluctuation in skin texture
  • Disturbed digestive system specially gaseous belching
  • Low immunity
  • Tendency of spasm and pain in muscles
  • Easily affected by seasonal health problems
  • Uncomfortable with extreme temperatures

Psychological Traits of  Kapha Vata Body Type

  • Instability
  • Tendency towards depression
  • Gets hardly but recalls and restores knowledge well
  • Too much calculative before proceeding for any work
  • Long term memory is good
  • Good imagination power
  • Think a lot before making decisions

Body Systems controlled by the  Kapha Vata Dosha

Digestive System: Both the Kapha and Vata Doshas are cold in nature which is opposite to the digestive fire; this disturbs the digestive system with gaseous belching and indigestion.

Respiratory System: Kapha Dosha causes production of too much mucus while the Vata Dosha causes dryness. This results in blockage in respiratory system and asthmatic conditions.

Immune System: The dominance of the Kapha and Vata Dosha affects the immune system adversely and makes you prone to immunity related problems.

Kidneys and Urinary System: The activities of the Kidneys and urinary system are regulated by the Vata Dosha but the association of Kapha Dosha makes you prone to kidney stones and other urinary problems.

Muscles and joints: The cold nature of dominant Kapha and Vata Dosha causes spasms and difficulty in movements.

Metabolic System: Kapha Vata cause low metabolic rate making you prone to diabetes, obesity and liver problems

Body Weight: Because of these two Doshas it is easy for you to gain as well as to lose weight. 

Diseases of Kapha Vata Body Type

Digestive System

Respiratory System


Kidneys and Urinary System

Muscles and Joints

Loss of appetite

Gaseous belching



Irregular bowel movements

Repetitive Cough and cold



Bronchial Asthma

Seasonal Respiratory allergy

Weak lungs 

Fluctuation in body weight,


Liver problems

DUrinary stones

Excessive urination

Water retention

Body oedema


Painful and inflamed joints.

Stiffness in joints

Movement restriction


Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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