Kapha Body Type

Kapha is strong, supple and smooth it gives immunity to the body and also protects body from different diseases and problems due to the other two Doshas. Where Vata makes the body brittle due to dryness and Pitta is corrosive and sharp to burn and digest the body, in these conditions Kapha is a Dosha which protects the body well!

Physical Traits of Kapha DoshaKapha body type ayurveda

  • Heavy and bulky body
  • White and pale tint of the body
  • Excess and over body weight
  • Body weight once increased will be hard to reduce
  • Slowness in all body activities
  • Closed and proper teeth
  • Slow and sluggish body movements
  • Thick and shiny hairs
  • Always sleepy

Psychological Traits of Kapha Dosha

  • Completely introvert in nature
  • Good in learning
  • High in patience
  • Gets hardly but recalls and restores knowledge well
  • Stubborn and confused
  • Calculates excessively and unnecessarily everything before doing something
  • Lack of zeal for life
  • Totally self-centred

Body Systems controlled by the Kapha Dosha

Respiratory System: Kapha resides in the lungs and upper body parts so there it can cause many of the problems.

Kidneys and Urinary System: Kapha regulates the buffer system of the body, so it can disturb the way body retains the water and minerals.

Immune system: Immunity is controlled by the Kapha, so allergies, hyper response of immune system and low immunity all are parts of the Kapha diseases

Metabolic System: Kapha looks the anabolism part of the body once Kapha is increased it will shift the metabolism towards the anabolism and body will keep on storing things in the body.  

Body Weight: Kapha works for storage and loves the sweet taste so there will be always some issues with the body weight. Not necessary that if you are Kapha and your body weight is high so you will be prone to diseases in terms of BMI, you need to understand this in detail.

Psychological Disturbances: Self centred and introvert at same time surely cause some behavioural problems with Kpaha Prakruti

Diseases of Kapha Body Type

Respiratory system


Metabolic system

Skin and Hairs


Repetitive Cough and cold
Bronchial Asthma
Seasonal Respiratory allergy
Weak lungs

Urinary stones
Excessive urination
Water retention
Body oedema



Excessive storage of energy
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Skin Allergy
Hives and rashes on skin
Low immunity
Auto immune diseases
Celiac disease


Excessive sleep
Introvert nature
High Depression
Behavioural problems
Problems in socialization

Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

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