Ayurveda Doshas

Three Doshas- TriDoshas! Tri is a prefix which means same in Sanskrit and English- three. Dosha! This comes from a Sanskrit root “Dush” which means – the Pollutant! So Doshas are those which can pollute the in-vivo with their activities. So it means that these are the responsible for all kind of problems and diseases in the body.

Most of us have the same version about the Doshas, but it is not always so.

Doshas are also known as Bio-Humors by few of us but this is also not that compatible with the Ayurvedic approach, because Humors told by Hippocrates are visible ones but in case of Ayurveda these are invisible ones. Ayurvedic Doshas are “invisibles” these represent themselves by actions. Actions speak about qualities and performances of the Doshas.

Doshas are more like- gradients - the gradients which represent the different stages and conditions of working of the body. These gradients work on a same level but represent three different stages. This is something like a graphical presentation. Data on a graph represents different positions and situations but these are always within the periphery of the body of the graph. Same is about the Doshas. Doshas represents three different conditions of the body but their axis cannot be different and not the working area. Doshas are like these bubbles, associated with each other but in general these work opposite to each other (it just seems). Doshas are not three different forms; these are not three different characters. This is the reason here we are telling these as three different gradients of the same functioning of the body.

We can better understand Doshas through the example of the metabolism. During the whole day we face different conditions with our metabolism. When we are sleeping early morning- metabolism is very sluggish and slow, because our body is not doing some stuff, so Anabolism will be on a higher side. After bed you are in a park- jogging catabolism (the other part of the metabolism) is on a higher side- to liberate energy from the stored foods of your body. So you can see there are two different stages of the same process within a short time frame. Here we can find two poles of the same activity- High & Low! Between these will be the third part- which is intermediate. This intermediate part will be telling about the phase of transitions in between the high and low phases. So these are three parts of the metabolism in complete-

Anabolism­­­­­ + Intermediate Phase + Catabolism = Metabolism

We can write the same equation with some analogues from three Doshas and here it goes-

Anabolism­­­­­ + Intermediate Phase + Catabolism = Metabolism

Kapha Dosha + Vata Dosha + Pitta = Life/ Life Activity

These are the three Doshas overall, so simple to understand.

If Doshas are not visible how can we identify these?

Yes we can identify these! You can identify the Gravity by looking at the falling objects- same is applicable with these Doshas. Certain activities, actions and signs and symptoms are assigned to the Doshas which are enough to tell about the activity of the Doshas. We will deal with this topic in detail later on with individual Doshas.

Are Doshas really bad?

No! Doshas are involved with health as well as with diseases. How? The best way to understand this is Cholesterol! Cholesterol is a part of the body. But Cholesterol is well known for its capability of causing diseases. This never means that cholesterol is for bad only (which is a big misconception in field of health). Same is with the Doshas. These are the primary and foremost cause for diseases, so these are designated with the definition for pollution. But these are the base of health in a harmonious condition of these.

Always remember none of us is made up of a single Dosha. All the three Doshas are involved and these work only together. When these Doshas are in harmony these result in health and once these are disturbed this shows disease. 

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