Sleepless Nights

This is not love always which causes sleepless nights. More than the love there are many other causes for the sleepless, restless nights. Lets know what Ayurveda talks about the sleep and how can you avoid the sleepless and restless nights.

Sleep is an important part of your health. If you wish to stay healthy you need to plan your sleep properly because this is the sleep time, when your body replenishes itself and recovers from the regular wear and tear what our body faces in the day hours. If one cannot sleep properly, it means that there will be extra damage in one’s body and this damage will be progressive with the number of sleepless and restless nights.

As per modern day sciences- every creature has a biological clock inbuilt. This biological clock is also known as circadian system. The clock decides the pace and activity of the body along with the time. This is the biological clock which decides the patterns of the sleep and work in all creatures; plants are also not an exception to this.

The same theory is postulated by Ayurveda, in advance form. The three Doshas behave and works according to the time of day. AS day progresses, these Doshas behave accordingly. One Dosha will be active twice in a day and night. There will be cusps for these Doshas.

For sleep- Kapha is an important factor, one cannot sleep without a proper involvement of the Kapha. Kapha is nourishing always. Kapha starts healing the damaged body, due to exhausting processes of the day time. The repair is not only concerned with the body, but also mind will be repaired, because mind also faces the same sort of wear and tear due to feelings and emotions- mind come across the day time. This is the slow down effect of the Kapha, which makes the body system sluggish and make it to restore the energy for replenishment. This is something like “renovating” an office.

If there will be involvement of the Vata and Pitta, together or individually, this will surely disturb the sleep. There are two conditions, when it comes to sleeplessness/Insomnia- Lack of Sleep and Loss of Sleep.

Lack of sleep is a condition where sleep will be very shallow and it will be disturbed due to the small noise or disturbance either or there will be too much dreams to give a feeling of sleep for the whole night. This is a condition, where body is sleeping but not the mind. This condition is thought to be a part of the Vata Disturbances. Not very true, because in this condition body is sleeping not the brain and that brings the feeling of sleeplessness. This is true that all the three Doshas will be involved in all conditions, whatever disease it may be. But primarily in this case of lack of sleep, this is the Pitta which evoke and awakens the subconscious part of the brain and never gives us a feeling of complete sleep, in any condition.

Loss of sleep is the severe condition, where neither body nor does mind sleep. This is a severe condition and it leads to the severe damage to both body and mind, because the recovery phase of body and mind is not present. Without recovery, you can imagine what is going to happen with the body.

If we look at the picture on a larger spectrum, there will be certain ill-effects of the improper/lack of the sleep. These are as follows-

Sedative or anti-depressant pills are never a solution. Unconsciousness and sleep are two different things and there cannot be any comparison in between these two. To know the ill effects and truth about the anti-depressant medicines read the article here.

If we look at Ayurvedic prospective of sleeping well there are two things which are important to address-

  • To manage Doshas in a system according to biological clock/circadian system.
  • To manage the harmonized Kapha with Vata and Pitta

These two things are possible and both are complimentary to each other. You once manage the Doshas in a proper mode and sleep well for few nights then your biological clock will be tuned properly with the time. To increase Kapha and reduce Pitta and Vata our Vaidyas at eVaidyaJi Wellness has developed the Jatajyotishmati Oil, which is a not habit forming, non sedative solution for condition of sleeplessness.