Ritual of Eating


Ritual of Eating

Eating might be-

To taste something

To full and fill the stomach

To get some nutrition

A way to maintain life

These are some common expressions with the eating but eating is nevertheless than a ritual for Indian Philosophy. Whatever we are and however we are here in this world is all the result of the food we eat. So there are three different paradigms with this process

Food                                                  Eating                                                We

Food has its own qualities and these qualities are transferred to us when we eat this food. The main quality which is transferred is life/livingness. We share the life of a fruit, vegetable, grain or pulses whatever we eat and take up. Ayurveda stresses on this that once you are slaughtering the life of someone/something you should have a regard for that living being. This is the living being which is offering its life to your digestive process to nourish your life. This is directly compared to the process of Yajya/Yagya in Indian philosophy, which is the most important ritual and should be done daily. In this different herbs and foods are offered to Agni- the fire- and are prayed to nourish the world. Yagya is performed to request the nature and natural powers to bless the whole world with health and happiness.

The same we do with the food. Foods are offered to the inner digestive fire and are utilized to share their life with our life. This makes the trait life possible within us. To share this energy we should have a regard for the food whatever is offered to us.

If we take the food with bad humour the food will be giving us the same negative energies and this will degrade the “life” within us. This is the reason Ayurveda has told some special rules to take the food-

  1. Don’t disregard the food
  2. Thanks God before eating for providing this life and food for life
  3. You should have in your mind that the food is for life, not life for food.
  4. Food has sacrificed its life for you so you should be thankful to the food for this sacrifice
  5. Don’t mess with some stress while eating (Researches have proven food taken under stress will be useless for the body)
  6. Take the food quietly (No television or newspaper or magazine in front)
  7. Develop the taste from your side, not from food’s side
  8. Never waste the food, because it is taken as a disregard to the food.
  9. Acclimatise with your food
  10. Keep all your senses- Eyes (with colour/presentation), Nose (with smell), Ears (with the words about food), Tongue (with taste) and Skin (with touch of the food) involved and awakened while taking food.

These are few of the principles, discussed in Ayurveda for taking the food. Follow these and you will be amazed that all the bad digestion, bad feeling after taking the food or some bad effects of the foods will be disappeared.

There are many patients who will come with a complaint that whatever fat they eat......that floats in their blood stream in form of Cholesterol and is causing the problems with health. This is true not because of the fats, this is because of the system of the body what we develop psychologically. This is something like that you irritates from a person and once the same fellow visits your place to greet and meet you- what will be your response to him. The same will be the response of the body when you have decided that something is really bad for you and your body. So before giving up with the foods, try to give up these bad thoughts about the food. This never means that every bad food is good, few people have their own interpretation styles.....