Rebel of a Cell

We all are the clusters of the trillions of the cells and truly speaking we are nothing more than an amoeba. Difference in amoeba and us is very simple. A single cell makes amoeba and trillions of amoeba together have made us. This is the simplest way to understand the body and evolution. As human being learnt to stay together with the animals and with other conditions, in the same way these trillions of amoeba have learnt to live together, work together and to share the common activities and common work with a common purpose! This is an approach only; don’t compare it with Lamarck or Darwin! Some of these amoebae work for nervous system and some others are aimed to digest the food for rest and some of these carry nutrition from one place to another- this is like a working co-operation where everybody is working for the same cause- Life and Livingness.

In these thousands of years, these all cells have learnt to live together and this makes these cells the best learners. These cells have work coordination and have an approach to go for the best possibilities; this is all because of the psychological powers in these cells. This psychology of the cells is un-manifested, this manifests as a complete package a sum up of the psychology of the different cells. This makes body more intelligent and more practical, because in case of body- trillions of cells are thinking together and thinking for the same cause/purpose. But most of the times we heard a group of cells alone, the group we know as Nervous System- these cells of nervous system are never able to decide by themselves because these cells work according to the memory, past experiences and things we have taught to these cells. But intelligence of rest of the cells is different. This is their own intelligence (of the cells) and this is their planning for the survival and that too survival in the adverse conditions. This is what we call the natural capacity of the cells to live. This “natural intelligence” of the cells is the Healing Power of the body.

Whenever there will be some problems with a system of particular number of cells or even with a single cell- this message is delivered to rest of the cells and whole system comes on an alert and body starts doing everything possible to repair the condition.

For example- in case of infection of few cells, the whole body starts doing efforts to fight against the infectious external cells. WBCs which are capable of fighting and engulfing these bacteria are activated and directed to the place where infection is and body is made on High Alert. Supply from the infectious part is reduced by body herself so that the infecting organisms wont spread in other body parts, temperature of the body is increased by increasing the metabolism- this rise in temperature is like preparing the battle ground according to own soldiers.

What we do, in this case of body activities?

We give medicine to reduce the temperature, because we never regard the self defense mechanism of these cells. We believe on group of cells which work according to the memories, data and learning and start taking Anti-pyretic Medicines. We don’t like swelling and inflammations so we have the Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with us. No matter what body requires. We require- good presence, good looks and no pains and no sufferings- it never matters how much we make the cells suffer- who always work for us are always dedicated for the wellness and life of ours?

A cell is suffering and it gives signals of pain and we make it “quite” and ask to “quit” by giving a small pill- are we not suppressing the natural capability of the cell? What do we wish- do we want to see paralyzed cells? We are against our friends and we have lost our capabilities to think and differentiate in between the friend and foe.

What will happen, when you will suppress these natural capabilities of the cells again and again? Will conditions be normal?

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