How Ayurveda Treats

Treatment! This is the main aim of any stream, which deals with health or body. Every system has its own claims about the treatment, but Ayurveda is different from the regular systems of medicines. According to Ayurveda whenever we are going to treat our body, it should be treated well and this should be happiness for the body- not a punishment. The basic and first meaning of the treat is- to act or to behave in a specific manner- towards someone/something.

In disease- our body and cells of the body are not in a good mood. If the same happens with you, what will you prefer? A happy, calming and encouraging, supportive- assistance! Exactly this is your need and your cells and your body seeks something similar to what you wish. But what we have now to offer for our body- is just opposite to all these things. Thanks God cells don’t have a trial court for “cell rights” otherwise we should be punished for sure, because we violate the rights of the cells every day, many times in a day! Let’s have a look in terms of the modern medical science and try to see what exactly these means and do these really do as our body and cells wish to have:

Antibiotics means- anti for against and bio means the life…so what is against the life is called as antibiotic?

Anti-allergic: Allergy is a response of the body and anti to this response of the body is known as anti-allergic.

Anti-tussive: Tussis is cough; cough occurs to expel the bad materials in the lungs and respiratory tract and against to this activity of defense is anti-tussive.

Immunosuppressive Drugs: Drugs that lower the immunity of the body?

Painkillers: Pain occurs to alarm you about the sufferings of the cells and your doctor gives you a pill named pain killer to make you “unaware” about the pain.

See, what we are doing to our bodies. Here are two questions and before putting forward the question I know your response about this-

Question 1: Suppose a person’s house was on fire and all the fire alarms started to rang? What should he do- is to cut off the connection of the fire alarms and to make them paralyze the solution or to distinguish the fire?

Question 2: Your house is messy and there is lot of garbage in your room? What will you do to clean your room? Will hide the garbage under bed, or throw out the garbage out of the room?

I know your answers that distinguish the fire and clean the room by removing the whole garbage!

You are smart enough, because this is a matter of your house! But it is really very bad that you never think about the house where your soul is resting, house of your soul- your body! When it comes for the treating your body and I will change the questions little bit by replacing the words and terms, I know your answers will be different, here are my two questions-

Question 1: Suppose your knee is hurt and you are under an attack of immense pain? What should you do- is to cut off the connection of the pain (by taking painkillers) and to make the nerves paralyze is the solution or to remove the cause of pain?

Question 2: Your body is messy and there is lot of garbage (toxins) in your body? What will you do to clean your body? Will hide/suppress the garbage (Toxins) inside body, or throw the garbage out of the body?

Now you think that you are smart enough: you use painkillers for the first condition and you use a medicine to suppress the condition, even your body is trying to get rid of the toxins? Is this a body friendly behavior? Not at all!

Perhaps this is the reason, why modern medical sciences have not succeeded to achieve the aim of the complete health even after years! They (Modern Medicine persons) talk about diseases; they are not interested in health. Medical science has left the concern of the health to the food and beverage industry (where they support falsies)!

Before we proceed with discussion, we need to know something more about the approach of Ayurveda and difference of this with modern sciences. For most of us- cure, treatment, management are one and same things/ approaches! These are different; from Ayurvedic point of view and these all have different meanings and purposes. According to the prognosis diseases are of three types according to Ayurveda:

1.     Curable Diseases

2.     Manageable Diseases

3.     Incurable Diseases

This is a simple classification according to Ayurveda. For curable diseases there will be a cure, for manageable diseases there should be management and treatment; and a physician should manage the condition to improve the life quality of a patient in case of incurable diseases.When it comes to treat according to Ayurveda,  Treatment is based on different principles.