Eating Sugar No Diabetes

A famous rhyme

Johnny Johnny
Yes Papa
Eating Sugar!
No Papa!

You do remember this famous rhyme of your school days- this is not a rhyme here this is about a deadly sweet disease, here! The disease which is proving the deadliest killer in this era- Diabetes!

This is a disease, where your blood sugar metabolism gets impaired and blood sugar level increases. This is what we all know and it makes every Johnny, Tommy, Jack and Pat to avoid the sugars- in name of health consciousness.

Is it really so that “eating” sugar can make you a diabetic patient?

Is it sugar only, which is effected by this “sweet” disease- Diabetes?

Are their some other things which can label you Diabetic on next diagnostic tests?

Questions are endless, because of the nature of this disease and everybody is just concentrated on how to make arrangements to fight against this disease by making an investment in some health insurance policy to pay your bills of diabetes related issues. But there is one more option to fight against Diabetes and that is to understand the process of Diabetes and how can you stay away from the disease. Believe me this is not about avoiding the sugars alone, which can keep Diabetes away from you.

Diabetes is a condition or cluster of symptoms, which is more known as syndrome- where metabolism of the body is impaired, more than a disease. This all happens due to the mischievous behavior of a group of cells which are known as Beta Cells. These beta cells are residents of Pancreas and from there they manage the metabolism via a well known hormone- Insulin.

I have met hundreds of patients who claim that they have not done anything wrong. Just to stay healthy and they find that these are their genes which are culprit, not their habits, routines etc. This is a trick of physicians more than a cause. When a physician is clueless about a disease or a condition- he uses three trump cards of the modern sciences- Science, Auto immune and Idiopathic. Because, all these three can satisfy someone and label a person’s condition as of unknown cause- it helps (our physicians) not patients!

There are two possibilities for diabetes due to Beta Cells, one thing is- these stop producing insulin at all- this is known as Type I Diabetes or Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Beside this, if structure of the insulin is distorted, this distorted insulin won’t be able to attach with the cells and cannot perform the metabolic activities for what it is designated. This is Type II Diabetes or Non-Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus. So these are the basic possibilities for someone to be diabetic patient.

Any of these processes, never happens – all of sudden. There is a particular system of the body, where body gives alarming signs before the change in a condition. Modern science depends on the bio-chemistry / lab tests to rule out some condition or diseases, in case of Ayurveda- text has defined some conditions which are told as alarming conditions. If you have some of these signs and symptoms- you should start making an action plan to fight against the disease. This is a system of treatment in Ayurveda for Diabetes and other diseases, because prevention is the core policy of Ayurveda. 

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