Cold is not cold for you

Case 1

You came from your office or market, you were feeling too hot and you just peeped into your refrigerator and brought out a bottle with cold water and wow, you felt too good with that water. As water was passing down in your gut you were feeling “happy” that much.

Case 2

“Your heart was just burning” with the acidic flow from your stomach and you found a good option for this- chilled milk or water or chilled lemon water or just a bottle of a soda? You felt like “heaven”.

Case 3

You are out for a meal in a restaurant and you chosen a cold drink to accompany with your hot meals, because you wish to make a balance with your food. The company of tangy drink with tasty food makes you feel “Great” for this.

In all cases above one thing is common and that common thing is cold and hot! And for you in this race of cold and hot, this was cold always which won. You might have some examples from physics or even chemistry to make this rule a thumb rule. But your thumb rule of this temperature is not always true and you need to amend it, because your cells, your body is suffering due to this thumb rule of yours. Believe on your cells, believe on your body and take this necessary step as soon as possible, before; it gets too late for you.

These “happy”, “heaven” and “great” are the illusions and once you will come out of these illusionary words it will be too late to go back to the normal. This coldness is not healthy at all for your body.


We all are hot blooded animals, we need to maintain our temperature on an optimum level otherwise our living-machine will not be able to work properly. Our machine is optimized for a temperature and that temperature is 37.0 °C (98.6 °F) {this is a mean value of a range). Our body needs this temperature on an optimum level but have you ever tried to maintain this temperature?

When I am writing this document I know what temperature I need to maintain for my machine (computer) to work smoothly and I am sure if I won’t maintain it, my machine will not work for long. Not I alone, everybody among do the same. We all are aware of the optimum conditions but only for our machines, not for our most precious machine- human body. (What a bad luck we have)!

Whenever we take something on a lower temperature, our body starts doing all the efforts to “heat up” that drink or food, because it is only possible for our body to work on a temperature, an optimum temperature. Body exerts all the efforts to do so. Energy is misdirected and you feel broken down soon, but you say this is your boss or your work which is breaking you down. Your mistakes are not mistakes, for you at least.

In case 1, when we drink cold water- all of sudden, the whole blood supply will be directed towards the stomach to heat up that water or a drink. This is never good, because due to heat your blood was already circulating fast to control your body temperature, so that you won’t collapse in hot weather. But you changed it without even a second thought. This is something like the same feeling for your body as you were wishing to have a ride on a train and all of sudden you came to know that your train has been hijacked and you are now going where you were not supposed to go. You do the same hijack with your body’s system, everyday, many times in a day.

In case 2, you have surfed the home remedies section of a site and you have found that there is a way to null your hyperacidity by taking something cold and you opted this quickly. This water or liquid will nullify the acidic content of the stomach by diluting it (if it is water) and if it is milk, it will make a clot of the milk with acid and you will be relieved, momentarily. But the increased blood flow in your stomach will bring more and more acid for the next hours. So your heaven is not a heaven at all. This is the entry point to a “hell” of diseases! Don’t blame your destiny and duties for the diseases; this is you and you for all these diseases, somewhere! Knowingly or unknowingly.

In case 3, the drinks you are combining with your meal, downs the temperature of the whole food and beside this- cold drinks make all the fats available in your food- uneasy to digest. So your happiness is momentary and will be vanished soon.

This never seems to be a big mistake, in terms of health. But all these small things will lead you to an incomplete health and will shatter you sooner or later. Man is made for mistakes, but learning is the biggest virtue of man and you can train yourself for compete health. Ayurveda tells you how can you lead to complete health because Ayurveda is a system of health, which never talks about diseases, it only talks about the complete health, complete wellness. You need to apply the rulings of health on yourself and everything will be possible for you, in terms of health. Ayurvedic planning of diet is great and unbeatable and you should opt for the Ayurvedic Diet Plans to earn the complete health. Because it will be an immortal truth that Health cannot be bought so earn it!

The same approach you can apply on the temperature of your room and your surroundings!