Childhood Obesity and Ayurveda

Overweight and obese children are now common. The fluffy chicks of kids, heavy teddies like kids were considered as “cuteness” of the kids. But the same cuteness is a severe problem nowadays. Child obesity is a major issue. There are and were some human activists talking about reducing the weight of study bags; but none is thinking about the weight our babies are carrying. It is thought that this obesity is only related to the medical world and diseases alone. Not very true. The body weight of our babies is putting pressure on their “cuteness”, their “happiness”, their “emotions” and on their “being”.

All modern day physicians talk about childhood obesity and this is really very strange that this issue which is related with the emotional and social health, more than to the medical health is talked in labs and medicine centres. We need to talk about this in our families, in our communities and more in our society. Address the problem where it is exactly lying. Let’s talk where the problem is-

The puzzle!

Talk about a family of three- Parents and a kid-the nuclear family of modern era. Papa and mommy both are working, to earn the luxuries and amusements (Please don’t relate it with female empowerment, I am not against that). The kid is left with the school in morning, then to crunch and then family picks the baby in evening. In crunch the babysitter is busy with his boy friend/ with her friend- gossiping about the “sex in the city” or “Mission Impossible-4 and 5”. Babies are left with the food packets because we dream to make them (our babies) self dependent and empowered. Nobody cares. Parents when pick them, have their own tensions from office, from society and now kids are kept in front of idiot boxes to see some “de-shaped” cartoons and food packets.

The babysitter cares, because she cares about the food, routine and everything what is necessary for a baby! Parents care, because they are providing everything to the babies- right from the babysitter to the television and so on…! Is this care? These are the “support”- just merely a support to grow kids. We need to define care. Babies/ our kids need love, affection and emotional attachments- these three are not sold in a bay store and you cannot find processed emotions with some love from any big store or from an online store.

Now you need to know fats, to understand the puzzle!

Fats are bad, even worst- but only then when there are too much excessive in the body. Fats do have some good things with them. Being soft, warm, heavy – fats inside the body bring satisfaction and these fats are insulators of all kind of energies and emotions where body can face fluctuations internally as well as externally.

Our alone children at home lack the basic properties of the fats from all of us. These are- softness, warmth, heaviness (binding and bonding) so when body deprives of all these factors, body starts planning and looking for these from physical sources. These physical sources are foods. Body keeps on storing these fats to fight against the deprivation of the properties of the fats.

So this is more the mind; less the body- which is causing obesity in our kids. To keep an eye on their foods and habits cannot prove enough. Main requirement is to address the root cause of the problem.

Solving the puzzle:

Besides buying all high protein foods, visiting to a counsellor and trying to push your babies against the obesity you need to do the following-

If you want to give something to your baby- give time, share happiness, give warmth of your affection and a tight hug telling your baby- how much you love and care him/her.

No counsellor can understand your baby- better than you! So try to manage sometime for your kids and counsel them. You can underline the problems by yourself and it is sure that what your kid will share with you- won’t share with others.

Push your babies for healthy habits- for this it is important your habits should be correct. Your kids follow you so you are more like a road map of health for your babies- set the goals, once you have achieved those first.

Always remember- Loos your weight for health never loos your health with weight.