Are you mentally fatty

Dietary irregularities, sedentary lifestyle are thought to be the most common causes of being overweight. But you are hitting the Gym more than 5 times a week and have left all the tangy foods which was your passion few days before and you stuck on the labels – reading about the calorie value, most of the time. Still the figures with weighing machine are not changing and surely you are doubtful about the quality and working of your weighing machine.

Sorry! You are looking for sea in desert!!

Yes, you are heading in a wrong direction.

The main cause of the weight is diet and lifestyle but there is one more thing which is equally responsible for the irregularities with the weight and that leaves irreversible impacts on your body weight. This is neither your stomach nor your gut. This is your brain; more exactly this is your mind.

What is the relation of the brain/mind with the fat metabolism? This is the commonest question I have heard when presenting the same view. But it is true that your brain has nothing to do with the fat metabolism, but on contrary to this; this is also true that your brain decides the directions for your body and if we look at Ayurvedic Philosophy for body working this is clear that the attitude of the body is the cumulative attitude of the millions of cells together and surely these millions of cells do have a gut feeling and a corner to develop the stress.

This stress can cause obesity with different tools some of the tools we are discussing here.

Stress causes Insulin Resistance-related abrupt weight gain and obesity. Various forms of stress release a steroidal hormone- cortisol this hormone may result in severe weight gain.

Insulin sensitivity decreases after certain stressful experiences like surgery or a trauma, and which is also associated with work/family/society-related mental and emotional stress. Insulin Resistance is an imbalance of glucose and insulin in the blood stream, this is something like you have a plenty of a thing and you don’t have a tool to use the same. What will it bring—affluence and storage and same happens with obesity.

Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels which makes the liver to release glucose into the blood stream. This tsunami of glucose is an evolutionary response – to survive attacks by our predators – today, we have cortisol surges in response to daily stressors. This chronic and repetitive exposure to cortisol causes blood glucose levels to rise and when body is not able to handle these tsunamis, it results in damage and this damage is the excessive weight gain.

As glucose intensifies, it stimulates insulin production, which has a number of negative effects, one of which is inducing Insulin Resistance via increased noradrenalin.

Noradrenalin, a hormone, is a stress-response chemical, released under conditions of emotional upset. Further, glucocorticoids (such as cortisol) are also stress-response chemicals in some women. These hormones are also responsible for increased storing of abdominal fat and elevated blood glucose levels.

One study demonstrated that people with elevated levels of serum cortisol (caused by chronic stress) developed abdominal obesity, Insulin Resistance and lipid abnormalities.

Excessive levels of insulin signal our bodies to store unused glucose as fat throughout the body. This also causes a rise in cholesterol and blood pressure levels, the formation of artery-blocking plaque and an increased risk of kidney dysfunction.

So this is the truth of the stress and ability of the stress- what impacts it can leave on our body. So next time you plan to reduce some extra kilos from your body, before hitting the gym just keep an eye on your brain and tell n train your brain to do what you want it to do.

The weight loss program with eVaidyaJi is designed in the same way and this is the most comprehensive program till the date where we don’t ask you to do some exercises or some dieting alone, we train your body to shed off the extra pounds from not only your body but also from your brain. A good weight loss program should not be a program to starve and exhaust and exactly we never do such things in our Ayurvedic Program for Weight Loss!