A Healthy Diet should Not Cost Health

Many versions of Diet plans and diet guidelines came and disappeared, because in every case there were complications with these dietary programs. Many of us paid health in name of healthy dietary regimes. There are few results from history of these diet programs and results are –

1.    Infertility

2.    Osteoporosis

3.    Anemia

4.    Malnutrition

5.    Weight increased again by leaps and bounds

6.    Anorexia and much more!!

Let’s check the reasons behind all these complications in short, for now this list is enough!

Infertility: Diet programs specially of weight loss and cardiac diseases, where fats of the patients were stopped totally caused this problem to many of the followers. This was all due to the no or less availability of healthy cholesterol to produce the steroidal hormones, which are the main constituents of these hormones, is cholesterol.

Osteoporosis: High fiber and less/nil fats are the combination which brings the imbalance of the calcium in the body and leads to the condition like osteoporosis and decay of bones. It specially happens with the Vata Body Type of persons.

Anemia: You cannot treat the affluence caused problems with low level of the nutrition. Starvation is an inevitable condition for anyone cannot and shouldn’t be the choice of anybody.

Malnutrition: You eat against requirements of your body and it leads you to problems. The main issue is you are not “Teaching” your body- you are just “Torturing” your body- which cannot be desirable in any case. Loss of weight shouldn’t be equally proportionate to the loss of health!

Uncontrolled weight gain: Due to imbalance of the body weight management point of the body, body starts collecting unexpected amount of the fats, as soon as one shifts to normal diet. This can happen with normal diet also.

Anorexia: You keep on starving and all of sudden you will come to know that your body is not ready to accept food anymore. This condition will bring complexity in the working of the body.

These are six conditions, which are seen commonly as a side effect of the diet planning for weight reduction.

Ayurveda is more promising in this case, because Ayurveda believes that one should plan one’s diet according to one’s requirement and needs, otherwise there will be problems. All diet is regulated according to your Dosha and body Type. Your profile with eVaidyaJi Wellness will let you to know that what you should eat and what you shouldn’t to maintain your health, overall.

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