eVaidyaJi Corporate Wellness Program

These are the special Clients, Conditions and Circumstances which make the Specialists. Wellness idustry is more individual specific, that make us to be more specific about the specilaization. Specialization @ eVaidyaJi Wellness is more subjective, where it used to be objective in most of the cases. Beside the specialists we have some other policies which make us different from others in the field. Here are main points about this- 

We believe in solutions: Coming to your campus- doing few tests and Health Risk Analysis and telling you- your so many employees are “unhealthy”….this is not our job. Because we believe in providing solutions, not only underlying problems. Our main motive to provide the program is not to make sure why your employee are not doing well we are equipped to make them to work well.

Always with you: We believe in hand holding and carrying the relation to a height. So we won’t just handover you the test results and will leave you to find someone to guide you. We will hold your hands and will be there to guide you for positive changes in your life.

Not Just a program: Came with a presentation, thrown it on a wall, hardly matters how many of your employee appeared and what was the result! NO, a big no! Let everybody involve and we believe to make it a festival to join by everybody and to enjoy with the full heart.

Tom, Dick and Harry: We have different approach for every Tom, Dick and Harry…because they all are different and have special requirements to work better. We know these special requirements and that is the reason we never offer stitched clothes, we believe in stitching one for everyone! So that everyone will join and enjoy the program as a personal program.

5000 years old and yet modern: Our tools are equipped with time tested Ayurveda and Yoga and these are well clubbed with the modern medical tools. This makes eVaidyaJi program more practical and result oriented. Need not to say that how much yoga and Ayurveda has incorporated till date in health sector.

Medical vs Wellness: eVaidyaJi Wellness program cannot be entitled as a medical program; this is completely a wellness program. We concern about health and wellness…diseases hate us and we hate diseases. So we are not offering a medical program at all.

Complete: Health cannot be like – health of backbone, health of lungs, health of heart or knees and so on for every organ/tissue/part of the body….. so cannot be a program for health. Health is a package, a complete package! So is our program.

No Virtual Program: Others are working on virtual wellness program…health can be a virtue, not a virtual program….we believe in reality and real people and program can alone bring real success. So whatever we offer for your health will be completely according to the net requirements of yours.

Don’t play with calculators: Open your profile and keep on playing with the fruits and foods, knowing their calories and the calories you burnt. Why your employee need to know all this, lets manage us this by ourselves. Because experts will be experts….and it saves time of your employee.

Live Support: No IVRs! Human to human! We promise you in 99.9% of the times you will find a real human being to support you on the other end, who will happily assist you in all ways. The consultation over phone will be provided by the physicians alone. No quackery…because we work on ZERO Tolerance for quackery!

Practical vs. Impractical: There is a mere difference between practical and impractical techniques of health maintenance or healthy regimes. Generally, health providers become so unrealistic and so impractical that even they themselves cannot follow those regimes. We believe in talking about practical aspects alone.