Yoga for Back Pain

 Back pain is the most common problem in this modern era. Back pain can affect at any age but its most common in people between the age of 25-50yrs. Women are more prone to having lower back pain than men. There are a lot of causes of back pain just like bad posture, over use of back muscle, sedentary lifestyle, slip disc, chronic constipation, chronic colitis, injuries etc. Back pain and stress are both epidemics in our society, and it comes as little surprise that the two are interconnected. When we face regular stresses over a prolonged period of time, our bodies get stuck in sympathetic, or “fight/flight,” response. In this state, our muscles contract and pull on the surrounding bones.

When this state is held for days, weeks, months—and even years—on end, our muscles forget how to relax. They remain tightly bunched up, no matter our metal/emotional condition, and tug on our vertebrae at unnatural angles. This not only promotes poor posture; it results in chronic back pain and can lead to hip, neck, and shoulder pain and even headaches as well.

Back pain can be divided by its duration

  •  Acute back pain: - less than six weeks
  •  Chronic back pain:-more than three months

A normal lumbar spine has a mild curve forward, and in this position, weight is evenly distributed throughout each disc. During toe-touching, the lower back flexes, losing its normal curve, and more weight is put on the front of the discs. The gel-like centers get pushed backward, into the now stretching support ligaments. While this can happen during forward bending even if a person tends to have excessive lumbar curve, it is especially problematic if the spine has lost the normal curve and become flattened.

With repetition, or if great force is applied as in heavy lifting, the ligaments weaken and may "bulge" like a bubble in the wall of a tire. Or the ligaments may tear, allowing the gel-like inner disc to leak out, resulting in a herniated disc. The bulging or herniated disc may cause lower back pain or, if it is pressing on an adjacent nerve, pain can be referred into the hip and leg. Bulging and herniated discs may be treated conservatively, with physical therapy, exercise, and other noninvasive treatments, but a badly herniated disc is a serious medical problem which may require surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

There are many options to treat this problem most common solution is anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers can help you ease the pain, but long term use of these medicines can cause a myriad of health problems like hyperacidity, cardiac problems etc . Some medications can even be addictive. Second option is Surgery but it is not always an option, these conditions appear when patient ignore his/her day by day result condition is gone to worst. Yoga is best option for those patients suffer from Back pain. Here are some of the most useful Yoga asana for Back Pain. Before practicing these Yogasanas you should seek guidance of your health provider and should only practice under guidance of an Yoga expert.

  • Pawan muktasana
  • Sarpasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Shalabhasana
  • Dandasana
  • Bhujangasan
  • Tadasana

Benefits of yoga in back pain 

  • Yoga exercises strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and help the body maintain a proper upright posture and movement.
  • Reduces tension in stress carrying muscles. When these muscles are well conditioned, it helps to offset back pain.
  • This vedic method increases blood circulation to preventing accumulation of lactic acid .
  • Through yoga asanas you can maintain a natural curvature of the spine that is crucial in avoiding lower back pain.
  • Beside any kind of medications yoga itself is an excellent therapy for increasing strength and flexibility of joints so it is recommended to those patients who suffer from ligament injury.
  • If you follow proper yoga regime it gives lubrication of the joints, ligaments, tendons.
  • It helps in tonning up of your muscles. 
  • By regular pracitce of Yoga Asanas your spinal joints will find a proper healthy way to get rid of the stiffness of the joints.