Yoga In Office

Ten hours of Yoga in a month cannot gurantee anyone – Health! We usually think that planning a yoga workshop for two or three days a month will help the employee to get rid of their health problems. Not practical, at all!

The second way to do the program is by appointing someone as a Yoga instructor in company who will come to company campus and will be waiting for some employees to appear. One or two will appear but it will affect the enthusiasm of the teacher overall and planned results cannot be achieved. This is the bitter truth seen with the company health programs all over.

Solutions are here!!

We believe in training the persons and keep on pushing them with our e health Support for employees and appointed health coaches, so that everyone will be doing what they need.

We don’t want to make them yoga experts, we need healthy employee for your company, and we never overlook our aim. We know for what we are appointed and what should we do to give our best to you.

In yoga seminars….what we design, we have some approaches -

Personal Requirements: We do these seminars in groups. Grouping is done to make it sure that everybody is getting only that- what they require exactly.

Company Work Related Problems: There are certain problems what are caused by nature of job. We address these problems in every part of the program, we do this here too.

Easy to do: Generally if you will look the yoga teachers, they will make some good bands in the body- what is not easy to do for a common man. This brings complexity to the persons joining the seminars. We use common technique and we always keep in mind- Don’t be some unique that you will be useless!

On Desk Meditation and Exercises: Yoga doesn’t need an open ground always to practice yoga. You can do it anywhere, anytime and in all conditions. Yoga means to connect and fro connecting you need to switch on your router only.

No Olympiad Yoga: Bending, jumping, stretching is not the theme of the Yoga we offer. We offer simple and relaxing Yoga.

Meditation Classes: In simmilar fashion eVaidyaJi Wellness experts will assist your employees to learn how to and what about meditation so that they will be able to do it easily in all places. A meditative employee for 5 minutes is better than a Yawning employee or a smoking employee for same 5 minutes. What do you say? 

Above this, we provide Yoga practice in different health seminars for corporate wellness which took place easily and in a flow, without making anyone uncomfortable.

If you are planning a Yoga workshop or festival at your place, once contact us and we will provide the best program for your employees and we make sure none would have been done the Yoga in a simple way for your employee in your office before.