Workplace Wellness Program

workplace wellness program, work site wellness program, wellness at work benefits The potential benefits of employee wellness program are:-

Reduce individual health risks
Reduce use of health benefits/ Medical Claims
Restrains health care cost
Improves organizational culture
Reduces employee stress
Improve productivity
Reduce sick leaves
Reduced absenteeism
Reduced presenteeism
Reduce worker’s compensation
Improve recruitment

Help to retain healthier employee…..

This is a well framed and well distributed list of the benefits of the employee wellness programs and this is true that well equipped programs can put ticks on all these points, if done properly. We have some additional features in addition to above benefits. We strongly believe in the following points too-

Company growth
Increased creativity
High employee Moral
Increased physical activity
Cessation of Smoking
Avoidance of Alcohol
Self care habit
Stress alleviation
Team work habit
Enthusiastic employee

We know this is not enough and there are some questions left about…here is the answer for your query-

In 18 independent studies, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine’s self-care guides have demonstrated an average savings of $71.41 per person due to reduced doctor and emergency room visits in 9 months.

ROI (Return on investment) was- 15:1 that translates into- everyone dollar spent on the Worksite wellness program for healthier employee paid fifteen dollars to the company. This is something like- you have more employees now in your company, to whom you need not to pay. He only knows to earn.

These are some of the benefits of the employee wellness program to launch at our office.

Your rabbits will stay active, run for longer times, will give good value of your money you pay them and will bring more success for your company!

How do we do all this and what does make us more special in the field of worksite wellness alias employee wellness program