Why Diseased

Most of the health facilities are concerned about the Diseases and their cure, none thinks about health! You better decide that how a science obsessed with the thought s of the diseases will head towards the health. Ayurveda is the only science which talks about the health in complete. Even name of Ayurveda tells about the same- knowledge of living life in full.

The only way to approach towards the complete health, away from the Diseases is, to find out the reason why we are diseased. Once we can find the cause for all the Diseases we can easily get rid of the diseases so the main thing to know about is- why are we diseased and why cannot prevent diseases?

Before we discuss the main concept, let’s discuss the other aspect of the Ayurveda and other health sciences. All medicinal sciences (other than Ayurveda) were developed to get rid of the diseases and their signs and symptoms but Ayurveda has other story. Ayurveda was developed by the seers in Himalaya, who wished to make the mankind free of the disease caused by the development of the civilization....!!

To be civilized is a cause of being diseased?

Yes, Civilization is told to be the first, foremost and primary cause of the diseases!

Once human beings civilize everybody needs the space for oneself. With allotted spaces, now everybody wish to have more and more space for oneself which in turns to bring greed in mind. Greed brings envoy and envoy brings anger. Anger destroys the intelligence to differentiate between good bad, right and wrong. Once we are not sure about good-bad and right- wrong, certainly chances of mistakes will be higher for us and these mistakes are the main causes of the problems with the body.

Few years ago we all felt that the main reason for the diseases are bacteria and viruses and we started to look for best sanitations and cleanliness all around and we all walled ourselves in concrete cages...what we call houses! Luxury intervened with the process and we ruined our lifestyle ourselves. Diet and lifestyle these are two main issues for everyone nowadays and these issues are causing the problems, regularly with our health.

This is true- we are becoming more civilized and more diseases are intervening with our system of health. So we need better and better information to maintain the health and this is the practicality of the Ayurveda which is proving its eternalness in the era of heavy machines and tools of modern medicines.

So over all there three main causes of the diseases-

1.    Sid effects of civilization

2.    Improper diet

3.    Improper lifestyle

4.    Stress

Basically stress is not a different problem; this is the part of the modern day developments and the civilization only. More we are heading towards blind goals of the life, more we are prone to the stress and related problems. This is the truth about the diseases.

So next time when you select the medicines or medicinal system for yourself, keep in mind what exactly you are looking for, is it the health or is it the diseases! We need to be very sure to remove the causes of the diseases from the body otherwise we cannot remove the diseases completely out of the body.

Ayurveda strongly recommends to remove the cause because once cause has been removed the effect of the cause will disappear by itself. This is something like- you want to light up your room and you are neither ready for opening the windows nor to switch on the lights in the rooms....which are two basic causes of the darkness in the room. We need to remove the cause of the disease to make it sure that there won’t be any darkness in room! This is the simplest way to understand the relation between the cause and effect.

When we say “diagnosis” of a disease in medical terminology, it never means to just find out disease so that prescribing medicines will be easier. Diagnosis completely means to find out the exact cause of a disease so that that disease would be eliminated completely out of the body.

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