Why Ayurveda

Big hospitals, best infrastructure and best diagnostic tools- these can make you to ask a simple question why to join Ayurveda for health? Your question is fine. Just answer that does any of these BIG words has something which sounds something like health? No!! This is the simplest answer for your question; still there will be many other explanations to tell you why you should choose Ayurveda as a main line system of treatment for yourself and your family.

Today half of the world is suffering with stress, anxiety and allied symptoms......does modern day hospitals has something to help with this? Today insomnia is that common as was fever- once upon a time? You can find in good data books that almost 30% of diseases are idiopathic nowadays- caused by physicians! Amazing!!

They teach to prescribe at modern day medical colleges and in Ayurveda we are taught to teach! This is the major difference in between approach of your current medical system and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has many different options for you that can assure the complete health of yours and these options make Ayurveda a unique choice to be chosen as a health system for yourself. These salient features are as follows:

  • Wholistic Approach: Ayurveda takes a complete view of the human body in consideration this makes Ayurveda completer than the available system of medicines.
  • Timelessness: Principles of Ayurveda are complete and not bounded within the limit of time. These are that much practical and applicable till the date as these were hundreds of years back. Moreover this practicality has been increased nowadays because we are suffering more with the diseases due to our carelessness, than due to some bacteria or some other causes.
  • Stable: Principles of Ayurveda are stable, not changing every now and then to confuse you and me.
  • Totally Natural: Ayurveda was developed in lap of nature and that makes Ayurveda- completely natural. Concepts of Ayurveda are natural, because Ayurveda believes in simpler interpretation of the things not the complicated theories. This makes Ayurveda a system of choice for all of us.
  • Believes in Normalcy: Where other systems believe to suppress the diseases by giving some medicines, on contrary to that Ayurveda believes in bringing back the normalcy in every patients and beside this Ayurveda also utters to follow the right diet and lifestyle to maintain this normalcy.
  • Preventive Aspect of Ayurveda: In name of prevention modern day medicines have only diagnostic tools so that they can say that some values of your body are disturbed and you need to care that particular system. Ayurveda has a better aspect than this. Ayurveda has tools like knowing of Prakruti and with this one can know that for what disease and conditions you are prone and how you can maintain your health in best conditions. Ayurveda is the only science which has some tools like this.
  • Complete Wellness: Where most of the health systems talk about physical health alone on other hand Ayurveda is concerned about complete wellness- Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, Economical and Social health. Ayurveda is the only science which deals with all these aspects of the health.  
  • Individualized Care: Every person is unique and should be treated as a unique individual in life. This makes Ayurveda more practical and result oriented system of medicine. You might have noticed that you are quite different from rest of your surroundings and there are only few who understand and regard your uniqueness and individualization. Ayurveda does so!
  • Concept of Detoxification: When there is lot of garbage in your room or surround you- what is the right way to follow? To hide all bad stuff by covering or to throw it away in a bin to dispose at a right place. Obviously most of us will go for the second option and for those “most” Ayurveda is the right choice as a system of health. Because modern medicines tend to “suppress” the bad things somewhere in the body and to “present” all of us as healthy (one shouldn’t have any signs and symptoms- no matter how rotten one might be internally- this is the allopath approach of the health). So where you wish to go for?
  • No Side Effects: People think that we are living in an era of information and technology- this is the popular statement but the true version of the same statement is that we are living in an era of the Chemicals. We are surrounded by the chemicals from all side. The medicines we are taking for health are totally chemical. These chemicals leave some drastic effects on the body which we know as side effects. The effects are less and side-effects are more, this is the negative side of these modern day medicines. Ayurveda is just opposite to this, the definition of the best treatment is- the treatment which won’t affect the normal functioning of the body and won’t leave some bad effects on the body. You can better understand that what approach Ayurveda takes for the treatment.