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Why does a company need us?

The perfect answer for this is- For increasing and maintaining the profits of a company, a company needs a wellness program and because we are providing comprehensive worksite wellness program for your company, so we are your need!

How do you earn by investing on an employee wellness program?

Profit of any organization or a company is not only from that what it sells (as a product) or provides (as a service). This profit is the aggregation of the capital investment, the infrastructure, the system and the equipments what a company has. But people- Human capital—are the core of any flourishing enterprise, especially in tough economic times like the world economy is facing nowadays. People endow with creativity and innovation, but these intangible contributions are rarely reflected in financial statements. Unlike structural capital, human capital never really belongs to the firm. People can walk out the door at any time unless companies find ways to keep them.

The same people (rabbits in our story) are responsible for the loss also. Because you cannot separate the profit and loss, these are two sides of a coin. Confused!? Let’s discuss it elaborately-

Presenteeism alone effects more than 50% work places and the loss due to the presenteeism is between 30 US$ to 170 US$ per month, per employee. This is a makeable loss for any of the company.

The cost of presenteeism = 1.8 x annual health care cost, it is almost 90% in other terms.

Employee Wellness Program, Corporate Wellness Program, Worksite wellness programBeside presenteeism, the other factor associated with the human capital is- Absenteeism. The causes of absenteeism fall into five main categories. The most commonly reported cause is personal illness (34 percent), followed by family issues (22 percent), personal needs (18 percent), entitlement mentality (13 percent) and stress (13 percent). Because a person’s odds of becoming ill or feeling stressed are strongly associated with overall health risks based on lifestyle, it is reasonable to assume that these health risks are largely responsible for many absences. The cost of absenteeism can be calculated with following equation-

Cost of absenteeism= .2 x Annual health cost; so you are paying .2 times extra!

Work Loss on work stations: This is again a hidden kind of loss for a company. We can easily calculate the loss and expenses due to big diseases like- diabetes, heart diseases and cancer but diseases like migraine, respiratory allergy; weak digestion goes on unidentified most of the times. A “sneezing-man” can hamper work of everybody on the workstation and neighbourhood. It never means that you need to put a notice everywhere- “Don’t sneeze, it hampers work”!

Resigning employees…as said before you cannot ask them to stay once they have opened the door by themselves and data tells that only 17% of employee worries about losing a job and 49% employees are worried about the medical expenses for their illness.

More on this, unhealthy employees make you to pay some extra money for their diseases and other issues in terms of medical expenses. It might be a shocking fact that 87.5% of health care claims (through employer) costs are due to an individual’s lifestyle.

Job stress is estimated to cost aloe the American industry US$200-300 billion annually!

In your company (on an average) out of 100 employee there are-

25 have cardiovascular disease
12 are asthmatic
06 are diabetic
26 have high blood pressure
30 have high cholesterol
38 are overweight
21 smoke
31 use alcohol excessively
20 don’t wear seatbelts
24 don’t exercise
44 suffer from stress

This data belongs to USA in year 2005, after six years, Diabetes, heart diseases are more common than in year 2005!

Story never ends here……there are a lot of losses or you can say hurdles in the path of profit of the company!

This makes us your “need” of the hour, because we have some special features with us which make us the best option in industry of wellness and differ us from rest of the Corporate Wellness Companies.

We work for your profit and there are certain other benefits too! 

If your Rabbits will be sleeping...tortoises will surely win and we are sure that once your rabbits will be fast and steady...no tortoises will win! 

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Program