Weight Loss Program

how to loss weight, loose weight in a healthy way, ayurveda weight management programWeight Loss program by eVaidyaJi Wellness is designed by the expert team of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) and this is the most realistic program because we are aimed to remove all the root causes of the obesity and extra weigh in the body. The comprehensiveness of the weight loss program is –

Diet- Complete Diet Regulation according to the exact requirements of your body. This is the safest diet program for the weight loss because we take care of what your body needs and what the best treatment we should offer to your body. Diet is not only about some calories alone. This is also associated with how your body respond to the food. 

Lifestyle- 2nd big component involved with the fat deposition in the body. Generally it is taken as walking and doing something but as per Ayurveda it is different. Lifestyle means style to live and Ayurveda is the only health science which talks about the topic like- “how to live”.

Yoga- Where exercises increase the heartbeat, blood pressure and we think this is the only way to burn some extra calories from the body. Yoga is amazing- it slows down, gives peace and burns the calories more than our exercise regime can do along with this Yoga brings the psychological peace to the life too, which cannot be achieved by exercise in anyway.

Ayurveda- where modern medical sciences is trying to design the medicines which can burn the fat or derail the system related to the fat metabolism on contrary to this Ayurveda believes in balancing the “fat-set-point” of the body. So the natural way is to make your body fit is involved in the program.

Different program for everyone!

Every one of us is a unique entity, so how can single program can be applicable for everybody? This is the reason why we have not designed a fixed program for everybody; we design according to your needs. What you need that we offer! This is the first completely tailored program for healthy weight loss. When we say healthy weight loss, it clearly means that you will surely loose your weight but not your health. Generally weight loss programs have the following side effects- 

  1. Tiring and exhausting: Due to excess of the work out and lesser intake of calories!
  2. Keep you hungry: By restricting what you wish to eat and take. 
  3. Hard to follow: Due to unexpected strictness and low charm these programs are hard to follow. According to a study almost 60% people give up the programs on the way and can never achieve their goal weight. 
  4. Lack of follow up: Once a program or package is sold, duty of the seller completes? Due to lack of follow up, generally people start putting weight just after the photo shoot of "after". 
  5. Diseases as an add on: This is the most common problem with most of the weight loss programs. Due to inadequate supply of the food to the body most of the persons become patients of "malnutrition" and conditions like Osteoporosis. The "hard" and "harassing" behavior with the Metabolic Set Up of the body in name of burning extra fats from the body - we make the post-weight reduction conditions full of medical problems.
  6. Behavioral Issues: Irritation, inability to cop-up with the surroundings are the two main complaints about the weight looser- this is all due to the healthy effect of the fats to the body- so you need to know that how much you need to loose. 

These are few of the problems with the routine weight loss programs. The program we offer is with some thoughtful process. We believe in a healthy weight loss for a healthy life. This is not alone a matter of looking handsome and beautiful with some low body fat. This all is about bringing some healthy changes for your body, mind and soul.  This make us to tailor the Weight loss program for you, with this program for unique needs, the program for weight loss with eVaidyaJi is unique in many senses, you can check here the complete program how it is designed and applied...

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