Stress Management Seminar

One cause for all the diseases is STRESS. When we talk about wellness, especially the complete wellness, stress management is the biggest hurdle. If one knows how to deal or cope with stress problems will be less than half in one’s life.

When it comes to Corporate Wellness Program every program will be incomplete if we leave the employee with the stress. There are many self help programs which are successful or not to relieve the stress of an employee is not sure but there are many. These programs tell you about teachings and to keep some “one-liners” in your brain always. It hardly matters that once you’re stressed what will you recall?

Generally, workplace is the main culprit for the stress. You can listen most of your employees talking, chatting- “there is a lot of stress of work”. It is really hard to understand why they keep on saying this and why companies let them to say this one line again and again. It is hard to work in stress, everybody of know about this and work done under stress will have a lot of mistakes too, so why to say this line and why let them to say this line again and again??

The Stress Management Program of eVaidyaJi Wellness is not only about making some lecture or to provide some study material and ask your employees to play some games alone, because we know these can be temporary methods for someone to relieve stress. Not the final calls to alleviate stress.

Our program is a multilevel program for this and we follow the following steps-

Modules help you to relieve the level of stress in employees:

  • Understand Stress 
  • Pin-Point the Sources of Stress in Life 
  • Cope with Work Overload 
  • Survive Problem Jobs 
  • Work Successfully With Powerful People 
  • Reduce Co-Worker and Team Stress 
  • Manage Performance Stress 
  • Reduce Stress With Rational Thinking 
  • Build Defences Against Stress, and
  • Avoid or Recover From Burnout

These are the basic points we follow, beside these points we also work on the following points-

  • Finding joy in work
  • Cope up with workload
  • Bridging between family and work
  • Negative thinking to self confidence

Above are few of the points we took in consideration for all Stress Management Program.

There is misconception that stress is always due to “psychological” pressure. Not true! Work, family, job, performance – these all are pseudo-culprits in few of the cases. Physical problems can also reflect on mind as stress/depression and anxiety. Females who have low haemoglobin, which is a common thing in Asia- it brings a lot of dullness-anxiety-palpitation and irritation in behaviour. If we keep on searching for its remedy in with some stress management program we will have to meet the failure in these cases because root cause of the stress/anxiety and improper behaviour is caused by some other reasons.

This makes the Risk Factor Analysis, Biometric Screening, Ayurvedic Profiling these are the important steps before we start heading towards the Stress Management Program. At least this shouldn’t be like organizing a seminar in the office and utter some good quotes and thoughts – against stress and for happiness.

Health cannot be partial….health is a package, where body-mind-spirit trio should be healthy, this is the beauty of the Corporate Wellness Program by eVaidyaJi Wellness that we stress on the 3D version of the health, we should at least in the age of 3D and 3G!!

We work on the root cause! So all our program and workshops are more practical and result oriented.