Sign and Symptoms of Hypotension

There are certain positive as well as negative aspects of low blood pressure. There are lesser chances of stroke, kidney disease, and heart disease for the fellows who have low blood pressure. Athletes, people who exercise regularly, people who maintain ideal body weight, and non-smokers tend to have lower blood pressures. Therefore, low blood pressure is desirable as long as it is not having any bad impact on the body.

When blood pressure is not sufficient to deliver enough blood to the organs of the body, the organs do not work properly and can be temporarily or permanently damaged. For example, if insufficient blood flows to the brain, brain cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, and a person can feel lightheaded, dizzy, or even faint.

  • Dizziness, lack of concentration, depression: low blood pressure causes insufficient blood circulation to the brain cells. Insufficient quantity of blood cannot able to provide necessary oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells?  Low level of energy, nutrients and oxygen to brain causes dizziness, lack of concentration and depression.
  • Fatigue: Blood circulation to all the body organs is low because of the low blood pressure so the nutritive requirements of the body are met properly. This is the reason a fellow with hypotension always feel fatigue.
  • Blurred vision: Due to low circulation of blood caused by low blood pressure the eyes receive low level of oxygen and nutrients than its actual requirement. Low level of nutrient causes blurred vision.
  • Heart palpitation: The body organs send signals to the brain regarding energy shortage. As a result brain instructs the heart to pump faster. This is the reason Heart Starts beating faster when a fellow is suffering from hypotension.
  • Cold pale limbs: The paleness of limbs is due to low blood circulation to the extremities. Body needs energy and nutrients for maintaining normal temperature. Supply of both the energy and nutrients is reduced drastically because of the low blood pressure. This results in cold and pale extremities.

Other signs include Lack of concentration, Nausea (feeling like you are going to be sick), Rapid, shallow breathing, thirst, confusion and weakness.

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