Sign and Symptoms of Allergy

What is allergy? 

Allergy is a condition of the body, where body starts responding "mischeviously" and "aggressively" towards normal stimuli of the surrounding. In lay-men language you can say this is the irritative behavior of the body! There are some cells which are designated to protect the body and to fight against the invadors inside the body. These cells are well equiped to eat up and kill. Once these cells are active and known to some kind of invasion inside the body, these start creating an atmosphere to fight against the invadors. This reaction, when took place for normal stimuli- this shows hypersensetivity of the body and all this is known as Allergy.

Allergy can occur anywhere in the body like- Skin allergy, respiratory allergy, gut allergy and certainly there is one more trait of the allergy and that is psychological allergy- when you see and unwanted person in your permises- the reaction is allergy.  Allergy to wheat is known as Celiac Diseases

Causes of Allergy

Allergy in Ayurveda is described as intolerance developed in the body due to

  • A variety of unwanted toxic materials generated inside the body; this intolerance is either caused by poor digestion of food materials,
  • Inadequate metabolism of nutrients (Ama and Visha)
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants in excess
  • Decrease in immunity that protects a person from diseases. Immunity is recognized as natural as well as acquired. This resistance is associated with or due to a biological material present in humans called oja
  • Pitta Body type people are more prone to the Allergy because Pitta people are senstive on both physical as well as psychological levels. 
  • Once the cells of the body are not good at psychological part and intelligence of the body is impaired, the condition of allergy, occurs. This is a condition where body cannot decide the difference between good and bad....a friend and a foe. 

Symptoms of Allergy

There is no specific definition of Allergy given in Ayurveda, but these disorders fall under the broad category of Kapha Dosha diseases. In the conventional system of medicine, Allergy are characterized as disorders of the immune system. Clinical signs and symptoms of Allergy differ according to organs involved. For example, an allergic reaction occurring in the upper respiratory tract would show an

  • Inflammation of the tract
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Asthma attack

If it occurs in the skin, it may show the signs and symptoms of

  • Urticaria,
  • Eczema,
  • Psoriasis, or
  • Contact dermatitis.

Allergic reaction due to food, it may show the sign and symptoms of

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrohea
  • Vomiting 

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