Selecting Right Food

Friends, clothes, apparels, cosmetics, shoes and choose everything personally and keep your individualization in mind always. This should be! Because all these things give you a different individuality, makes you different from others, manages your personality!

You whenever visit a fuel station- you keep an eye on the different solution and you have never dared to try the diesel in your patrol vehicle or vice versa?

You never operate the AC instruments on DC and vice versa?

Animals never change their dietary habits for some reasons?

Have you ever tried four number large or two number small dresses for you?

There might be hundreds of such questions for all of us, where we are too alerted and aware about certain things and reasons are different for all these. We understand the make, we know the requirements and we need what fits us........

These all reasons are true.

Make, Requirements, What fits.......these are the three points which came out of all this analysis of above points! Have you ever thought/applied the same points on highly sophisticated machine of the world- your body?

Have you ever thought that what food suits you, what food is made for you and what are the exact requirements of your body?


Reason is very simple, you take your body as granted and this makes you to- whatever you wish to do. If something comes against your wish you have a stronger tool for that and tool is a Pill, Capsule or Syrup. You know a single dose will make a settlement for you and you will be escape from the condition easily. BUT WHAT COST YOU PAY FOR THIS YOU NEVER KNOW, because that is a HIDDEN COST.

Best way is to understand your make, underline your requirements and to find what will suit you the best and what won’t. This is only possible with a science called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the only science to underline all these things for you.

Your make is unique: Your Dosha level is different

Your Requirements are different: Your Dosha level and combination is different.

What suits you is always unique: Because your Doshas are unique!

Doshas, Doshas and Doshas.....these are three different reasons and standards according to which you should plan your diet and lifestyle. You might have followed some general rules of Doshas but this time we have brought the Individualized and Personalized Analysis of the Doshas for you and this will help you to understand your Doshas properly and we will also manage your diet plan, lifestyle plan and yoga plan and all this according to make of your body, underlining the exact requirements of your body. We have brought the great wisdom of Ayurveda and are redefining the Ayurvedic Diet and Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

Ayurvedic principles of Diet and lifestyle are practical and easy to apply. Ayurvedic diet can not only assist you to manage your health but also will help you to get rid of the diseases.

So plan your diet according to your Doshas and stay healthy.

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