Seasonal Allergy

Spring is knocking on our skies!!

It is a good thing to happen for most of the people, but for those who have problems with their immunity, hard times are starting now. Aaacheee!! This is the most commonly uttered word by these people.

The fear starts growing up as soon as the February rolls down and the March rises!

Problem is with you not with pollens:

This is generally thought that pollens are the root of the problem and if there won’t be any pollen you will stay healthy! Not very true. Truth is different. This is YOU, who is the centre of the problem. This is your body, which reacts to the pollen abruptly. You need to work on you. Hide the face; cover the nostrils and avoiding the walk in garden is not a solution for you. You need to be more practical about all this.

Why it happens so?

There is a defence mechanism of the body. Some cells, some hormones and chemicals are appointed to fight against the disease causative factors. These are always on an alert to fight against the problems and diseases. Once this system of defence becomes hyperactive and starts reacting “too much” problem starts. Cells start reacting towards the allergens, uselessly- this is something like using the “riot-controlling” force against two to three people.

These wrong decisions of the immune system are due to two different causes-

Failure of immune system (generally known as low immunity)

Problems with the intelligence of the immune system

What are the causes?

List of causes can differ according to the involved Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type) but main causes are as follows-

  1. Wrong diet habits: Improper, not adequate supply of the essential nutrients to the body.
  2. Faulty lifestyle: to expose body to different temperatures, this shocks the body and causes problem with the default settings of the body.
  3. Stress: Our body is controlled by hormones and in case of allergy- these (hormones) are the most important factor. Stress affects the hypothalamus, which controls the Pituitary gland. Pituitary is the master gland because it controls all other glands of the body. So expose to the stress brings a change in the hormonal system of the body and it causes problems like Allergy!

So clearly, body as well as mind are involved with the allergy, so we need a complete- holistic (better to say Wholistic) way of healing to get rid of allergy.

Why Skin, Digestive System and Respiratory Systems alone?

There are three famous variants of allergy-

  • Skin allergy- hives, rashes, itching and sore skin!
  • Digestive system allergies- Wheat intolerance alias wheat allergy or gluten allergy- celiac disease, milk protein intolerance and allergy from spices, water etc.
  • Respiratory allergy- Aacheee kind of allergy, sinusitis and wheezes (the abnormal sounds from lungs) etc

Why these three systems alone are prone to allergies? Reason is very simple- which is exposed to the external environment is prone to the allergy. Digestive system is exposed to the environment through the food we intake. The air we swallow makes our respiratory system prone to the allergy and skin is exposed to external environment completely.

The cure to the problem?

Problem, what is the problem- matters hardly. What matters is the cure of the condition- to get rid of the problem and to make sure how we can maintain the health.

Diet, lifestyle, stress, pathological changes- all are involved with Allergies! So we need to work on all these, all together. This is the partial treatment we have been trying since years, which make us prone to allergies again and again- year over year and we declare very normally – Seasons are culprit!

Be a honeybee this spring:

Be like a honeybee- who plays with all flowers, touches all pollens and never sneezes and complains about hives and rashes on skin! Be active, punctual and fresh like a honeybee.

This is not alone about allergy. This is about your health. This is about the sedation you have faced for hours due to your small anti-histamine. This is about working attentively and this is about bringing the complete health for you.

eVaidyaJi Wellness’s team has designed a complete program for you where we provide the complete (wHolistic) program for you-

Diet- Complete dietary details for you so that your body will get the best nutrition, best nutrition is the base of best immune system.

Lifestyle- Not about what to wear and what not to wear, this is all about what to do and how to do. We always talk about health not about diseases.

Yoga- Time-tested, well proved and complete system of health maintenance, accepted worldwide- what we are offering will be more practical and authentic. We know it doesn’t make sense to make everyone a good gymnast.

Herbs- Natural can make you more natural and nothing can be better than the Ayurvedic Herbs for this.

So come and join us for the complete program.

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