Say no to Diseases

Tree outside your window can tell exactly what you need to stay healthy, because he/she is one living naturally. Or you can also learn from your animals- the way to live, we human beings are getting more immature, when it comes to live naturally. We have wisdom, we have knowledge and over all we have education to challenge the natural phenomenon. These all tools like wisdom, knowledge, education etc. has made us incompatible with the nature and natural things.

We all need a perfect tool to stay healthy! A manual which can guide us how to stay healthy and this manual is available with all of us- AYURVEDA! A science which tells us how to live, healthy!

How the tree and animals are perfect, even these are thought and taught as wind for always and are most uncivilized too, in comparison to human beings. These might be in some other way but when it comes to health these two categories will be the best to tell you what to do and how to do.

Trees keep on changing their attire, dress and way to live with the seasons. They know when to shed their leaves and when to wear some flowers- all naturally! This makes trees healthier than us. This is the civic-culture of ours which has brought many diseases and problems for the trees otherwise the wildly grown trees never has any problems with them. We, human beings, have contaminated these animals.

This is the capacity of the plants to mould with the seasons, which make these perfect in health and perhaps this is the reason Ayurvedic Seers, decided to use all these natural capacities of the trees and plants for health maintenance of human beings. This is also important that when something should be taken and should be taken in what quantity. So you should have something to get rid of the problems with your health from nature. Pines in heavy snow never sneeze because they know how much fatty contents are important for them to fight against the cold (thanks God, they never think of dieting) and a cactus in dessert will never dehydrate, because nature has told this cactus, how to survive in the worst times.

Animals should be followed to learn about their habits. Habits of the animals are important. The main aspect of their life is- do what nature asks! And the day we pet these animals or zoo these- they will be contaminated for sure with bad habits of human beings and their behaviour.

You might never see –

A Lion with hyperacidity, you better know what a lion eats

A Giraffe with Cervical spondyolitis, do you know the neck structure of this animal

A dove with cough and cold due to coldness of water

A bear with dandruff, even it never got a hair cut

An elephant with obesity, even it seems overweight

These are some examples; every animal has some different features and characters which make these very special and different from others.

We need to learn all these attitudes and adopt some good habits, to stay healthy in all conditions.

eVaidyaJi Wellness has brought some best ways to stay healthy in all seasons. Check the following links and every link will lead you to complete health……

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