Risk Factor Analysis

Health risk screening is one of the essential building block of a comprehensive wellness program. The eVaidyaJi Wellness program is designed to assess overall health of an individual by looking and locking the causes, distribution and control of diseases in employees. The Risk Factor Analysis- RFA is done by screening the different blood studies to underline the risk level of an employee in the group.

We do 50 odd tests which can provide the comprehensive details about the body and are done according to the age groups of the employee. We do believe that "what is required-should be done" things done without requirement are never helpful for anyone. These all medical tests will be done in your premises, we don't ask your employee to hamper the work and go to some lab or location for all these tests. 

In Risk Factor Analysis after the blood tests, RFA  will contain questions derived from reviewing years of research on lifestyle modifiable illnesses and potential risks that individual may be exposed to through your environment. These all standards are WHO recommended. Along with set parameters we will also use the pre-program data after analyzing the wellness status of your company. We don’t believe in sticking to some patterns, our openness is our strength. 

The main blood tests we are performing are- 

Eco Cardio Graph- Well known as ECG, to know about the functioning of the most important and vulnerable part of the body- Heart.  Liver Profile- How efficiently the liver is working can be assessed by liver profile. This is also an indicator of the metabolic system of the body. 
Oxygen Level Check- How much oxygen one's body has in this era of pollution and smoke, is important to know because the level of oxygen decides the active quotient of a person.  Iron Profile- To access the iron levels and oxygen flow in the body.
Haemogram- 14 tests for complete study of the blood and its different constituents. Diabetic Profile- Deadliest diseases all around the world, we do comprehensive study of the diabetic profile to know about the underlying risk of the diabetes. 
Cardiac Risk Markers- These are the markers that can exactly mark the risk related to the  heart diseases. Renal Profile- How efficiently the kidneys are filtering the blood. 
Cancer Markers- There are certain chemicals in the body which can tell is there any risk of heart diseases or not. Prevention is the cure of cancer.  Thyroid Profile- To check the functions of the thyroid gland and to know about the metabolic system balance of the body. 
Lipid Profile- To access the risk with the level of the floating fats inside the blood, which cover aeging process, heart diseases and much more conditions.  Hormonal Assay- Study of the main hormones, which have more importance in the system of the body. 
Questions/ Health Risk Analysis: Beside the above tests we use WHO recommended questionier to assess the exact status of the health.     

We do these all tests but we prefer to do only those tests which are required as per the work culture of the company. So we need to know your requiremnts first. For knowing all the details mail us at-