Rejuvenation Program

Corporate Wellness ProgramRejuvenation program is part of the most advanced program by eVaidyaJi Wellness!!

You know why you “service” your vehicles or all other machines time to time? To maintain these! To enhance the performance of these machines! To bring quality results by using these!

Okay, good enough, our caring attitude.

What about the most dedicated, complicated machine, which work 24x7 and cannot take a break? The machine behind all the machines- our own, our body! We are too careless about our body that we never thought for –

  • Giving a pause to the body
  • Servicing the body
  • Caring for it for sometime

Our rejuvenation program is aimed to bring these quality changes for the body. The rejuvenation program is to refresh the system, to delete all the temporary files, caches from the system. This part of the program is aimed to give “Pause” and “Peace” to the on pace machines.

There are two modules for the Rejuvenation Program-

Anytime rejuvenation program: for this we will provide you the address of our associated centre within your reach, you can visit these places and there you will be provided the complete rejuvenation program.

Rejuvenation during meets: If your company meet can offer you the complete relaxation along with rejuvenation and your employee will be able to do some marathon meetings. The minimum duration for this should be at least 5 days. If you ask us to reduce the days, it means you are asking us to compromise on the quality of the program, what we don’t do in any condition. Check here for the detailed program during Corporate Meets.

The main attraction of the rejuvenation programs is:

  • Expulsion of the toxins from the body
  • Giving complete relaxation to body and mind
  • Rejuvenating the body for good performance
  • Optimizing the body functions
  • Bringing the peace to ensure quick and good decisions
  • Exploring the new dimensions to complete health

With all these things, Rejuvenation Package becomes a different program too where we can provide these services as a complete individual program, where you can find the best possibilities for your health.

This program, when done in your locality will be done according to individual needs. Everybody’s needs are unique so should be the offer to individual.

It is better to give pause to the rabbits, and then let them to sleep longer after a marathon! Pauses cost nothing, sleep costs the victory desk!