Recommendations for Colitis

Diet Recommendations for Colitis:-

  • The best among all is buttermilk. It is the residual left after the fat has been removed from curd or yoghurt by chumming yoghurt for a specific time period.
  • Add garlic in food habits as it helps in stimulating antibacterial action
  • Powdered psyllium in cold water followed by another glass of water will help to give stools more bulk
  • Rice is considered to be very good for colitis. It is said to be soothing to colons. For this, you should make Khichadi of rice with green munga Dal.
  • Ripe bananas are beneficial in colitis. It works wonderfully especially in ulcerative colitis. This is bland, smooth and easily digestible.
  • Avoid dairy products
  • Give up the food which is heavy to digest. All the milk products like cheese, chocolates are harmful in these conditions.
  • Avoid meat as it may disturb the function of the colons worsening the case.
  • Give up all junk food as well as the food made up with refined flour such as breads, pizzas etc.
  • Spicy and oily food is strictly to be avoided in any circumstances.
  • Chilies will irritate the bowels and hence are to be avoided.
  • Never go for excessive sour tasted food items.
  • These food articles are good for you: Curd, Butter Milk, Cottage Cheese, Soya Milk, Cauliflower, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Gourd, Banana, Papaya, Apple, Water Melon, Filtered /Boiled Water, Tea with Little Milk, Orange Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Lemon Water, Almonds (Socked and Peeled), Dried Raisin, Mint Chutney. Coconut Chutney, Boiled Rice, Wheat Flour, Roasted Bread, Corn Flour, Black Gram Flour, Pure Ghee, Beans.
  • Food stuffs to be avoided for you: Milk, Ice Cream, Milk Made Sweets, Capsicum, Mustard leaves. Fenugreek leaves, Radish, Raw Salads, Okra, Cabbage Tomatoes, Grapes, Mango, Guava, Alcohol, Coffee, Milk Shake, Cold Drinks, Cashew Nut, Walnut, Ground Nut, Jaggr, Green Chilies, Vinegar, Tomato Ketchup, All Type Of Pickles and Popcorn

Lifestyle Recommendations for Colitis:

  • Alcohol: It is a proven fact that alcohol intake aggravates Colitis so you should quit all types of alcohol. .
  • Stress will worsen colitis. For effective management of colitis; you should remain cool and calm. Among mind relaxing techniques Yogasanas, Pranayama and Meditation are the best.
  • Fatigue also adds in colitis. So your day to day working should be such that you do not feel too much fatigued.
  • Smoking is a risk factor for Colitis and it also worsens the colitis. So you should quit smoking.
  • Slowing down the pace of life and taking some time to relax is must to manage and treat Colitis.
  • You should manage you weight with in healthy limits.  
  • You can apply some red chilly powder over your abdomen; this will improve circulation and bowel movements.

Useful Yoga Asanas for Ulcerative Colitis: