Recommendations for Anxiety

Diet Recommendations for Anxiety:-

  • Eat a healthy, whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Keep away from processed foods and eat more natural products, these will lift your moods and calm anxiety.
  • Drinking alcohol seems to have a calming effect short term, but it dehydrates the body, leaving the body feeling more anxious than ever. So you should never turn to alcohol to alleviate anxiety.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks which are loaded with sugar, instead drink plenty of water
  • Avoid too much caffeine, there is no need to give it up completely, just try in moderate quantity.
  • Foods to eat: Vegetables, Wholegrain foods, Brown Rice, Beans, Turkey, Chicken, Cottage Cheese, Fresh Fish, Poached Egg, Tuna, Fruit, Porridge, Baked potato, Peanut butter, Garlic, Spinach
  • Foods to avoid: Fizzy drinks, processed food, White bread, Chips, Pastry, Cakes, Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, Chocolate, Cheese, Fast Food
  • Eat nuts, beans and vegetables which are high in magnesium, like mustard greens, summer squash, broccoli, blackstrap molasses, halibut, turnip greens, pumpkin seeds and peppermint; cucumber, green beans, celery, kale and a variety of seeds, including sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds. Magnesium is essential for managing the blood pressure and psychological health.
  • Pickles, yoghurt and other acid forming foods are not good for you.
  • Take proper quantity of saturated fats: Saturated fats have a great role in calming down the agitated mind and proper signal transmission in nerves.
  • Minimize consumption of spices. Your food should be calming in nature not too much exciting.

Lifestyle Recommendations for Anxiety:

  • Good sleep: You should have a deep and long sleep. A proper sleep relaxes both body and the mind. It improves your mood and recovers the ability of mind to deal with daily stress.
  • Spend some time with your near and dears. It works as a great anxiety barrier.
  • Listen music: Listening music decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. It is also good to reduce stress for an healthy fellow as well as  a stressed and anxious one.
  • Take a break from routine work and spend some time close to nature.
  • Avoid all situations which are source of stress in the home and office
  • Replace unnecessary time-consuming chores with pleasurable or interesting activities.
  • Make time for recreation. This is as essential as paying bills or shopping for groceries.
  • Keep on learning come thing new all the times.

Yoga Recommendations for Anxiety:

Yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental levels.  After practice of yoga body release of endorphins, the natural chemicals in the body which produce a feeling of well-being. Regular practice of yoga and Pranayama trim down the intensity and frequency of painful emotions.