Recommendation for Gout

Gout is a mix of the physical and physiological problems so it makes sensual to modify the diet and lifestyle both to get rid of the problem. The improper metabolism of the proteins brings the increased production of uric acid. Metabolism is dependent on the physical activities and consumption of proteins is related with the diet, so this is very important to manage both diet and lifestyle in a proper way. Here are the Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga recommendations for the condition of gout.

Diet Recommendations for Gout  

  • reducing intake of protein rich food such as meat and seafood,
  • consuming adequate vitamin C,
  • limiting alcohol and fructose consumption
  • For obese person a low calorie diet is valuable.
  • Your diet should consist of high fiber diet .it will helps to remove bile salts from bowel.
  • Use sodium rich food include strawberry,celery, parsely,spinach  etc.
  •  Foods high in certain fatty acids (such as omega 3), for example, olive oil, flax oil, and certain nuts. These fatty acids contain important anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease inflammation in the joints.
  • Guda (Jaggary), rice, wheat, gram, pigeon peas, spinach, black coffee, ripe fruit of whitegourd, are useful articles of diet. The food articles to avoid
  •  Masa (black phaseolus bean), Kulattha (dolichos beans), pea, legumes, radish, sugarcane products and yogurt. Because uric acid is the end product of protein metabolism, it is important to avoid high-protein diet.

Lifestyle Recommendations for Gout  

  • Avoid  Sleeping during the day
  • Avoid  Exposure to heat
  • Excessive exercising should be avoided.

Yoga Recommendations for Gout  

Yoga maintains the body by regulating the metabolism in an optimum state that is the reason very good results of doing Yoga can be seen on the condition of Gout. Here are the Asanas, Pranayam beneficial for the condition of the Gout.


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