Recommendation for Amenorrhoea

Diet - lifestyle are the base of the most of the problems with the health so it is important to regulate proper diet and lifestyle to get the best results from the medicines. This is a well known truth that once you are taking some medicines (specially Ayurvedic Medicines) and not following the right Diet and Lifestyle medicines are useless for you. So you should be aware about your Diet and Lifestyle. This page talks about Diet and Lifestyle in case of Amenorrhoea. Along with the diet and lifestyle we have detailed the Yoga and yoga Asanas which can be helpful to get rid of the problems with your periods. 

Diet Recommendations for Amenorrhoea:

Ayurvedic knowledge about diet is quite extensive. Diet contributes significantly in female chemistry. Changing one’s diet can actually be more helpful and effective than hormonal treatment.

Following tips are useful in managing Amenorrhea:

  • Eat and drink hot especially from one week before the expected menses.
  • Drink hot water with meals, it will increase the fire content of the body as the bleeding is phenomenon guided by the Pitta- the fire component of the body so it will make bleeding to happen easily.
  • Avoid frozen and preserved food articles
  • Deep fried, greasy beans should be totally avoided
  • Increase consumption of fresh fruits
  • Food articles with bitter, pungent and astringent tastes should be preferred over other tastes.

Lifestyle recommendations for Amenorrhea:

Follow a lifestyle that will pacify Vata because it is clear according to Ayurveda that all the diseases are due to the  imbalance of the Doshas and your Doshas should be in balance for complete health and in case of the Amenorrhoea this is the Vata Dosha which is the causative factor. So you should do everything to get rid of the imbalance of the Vata Dosha. 

?Do you know that what Dosha is prominent in your body- if it is Vata Dosha- alone or in a combination of other two, you need to be more aware about all these problems and should follow the proper diet to pacify your default Dosha. If you are not sure about your Body Type- check your Body Type here and your will also get complete profile of your body with all diet, lifestyle and yoga there!!

  • Rest and a reduction in activities, especially strenuous exercise is in order. An active lifestyle is recommended, yet the exercises should be according to one’s capacity.
  • Negative feelings like stress and tension should be avoided.
  • Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation will help to calm the mind and body.
  • Excessive intercourse should be avoided as well as the use of contraceptives.
  • Both, excessive fasting and overeating are harmful.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol and using narcotics aggravates menstrual disorders.

Yoga Asanas to cure Amenorrhea:

Yoga can prove to be an effective Amenorrhea treatment because both physical and psychological parts are involved in case of the Amenorrhoea and there cannot be a better choice other than Yoga to get rid of a problem like Amenorrhoea. Some of the asana that help fight this disease include:

Home remedies for Amenorrhea:

  • Mix a pinch full each of saffron and camphor, take it with a glass of milk for two days prior to menstruation. It is very useful for normal menstrual bleeding.
  • Juice of mint leaves mixed with equal amount of honey should be taken before the onset of menses.
  • Take ½ tea spoon powder of black cumin seeds daily
  • Unripe papaya helps the contraction of the muscle fibers of uterus and is very effective in maintaining a good flow.
  • Fomentation of abdominal and pubic region with hot leaves of castor oil plant help in promotion of menses.
  • One tea spoon full of Aloe vera extract should be taken mixed with a pinch of black pepper or cinnamon.
  • Drink 1-2 glass of tomato juice every day. It will give significant improvement in flow.
  • ½ tea spoon of Ajamoda (Parsley) taken daily increases menstruation and assists in the regularization of monthly periods.
  • Shatavari powder should be taken with milk to balance the female hormonal system.