Recommendation for Alzheimer

Diet and Lifestyle are the main parts of the treatment for any of the diseases. In case of Alzheimer's disease this becomes more important to follow the right diet and lifestyle. Here are the general recommendations for the diet and lifestyle along with some of the Yoga postures, which can change the course of the disease. 

Recommended Diet for Alzheimer:

The dietary pattern that is associated with the least risk of developing Alzheimer's is characterized by higher intakes of nuts, fish, tomatoes, poultry, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, salad dressing (oil and vinegar) and dark green leafy vegetables. It also consisted of a lower intake of red meat, organ meat.

  • Your diet should include proper quantity of fresh butter and Ghee.
  • Proteins such as beans, nuts, eggs, fish and lean beef, pork and poultry are also important.
  • It is wise to try to maintain many of the patient's eating patterns by serving familiar food at a routine time. Familiar recipes can be made healthier by eliminating encouraging more fruits and vegetables and switching refined flour products for whole grains.
  • Healthy snacks, such as apples, bananas and whole-grain crackers, should be available and in sight at all times.
  • Offer a couple of choices at mealtime when possible. This promotes a feeling of independence and may improve nutritional intake.

Recommended Lifestyle:

  • Drink, at bedtime, a cup of warm Mental Relaxant Tea or a half a teaspoon of Brento Ghruta (clarified and medicated butter). These all are part of our Alzheimer's Treatment Kit.
  • If utensil use is difficult, offer finger foods when possible.
  • Encourage fluids throughout the day until a couple of hours before bedtime to lessen the possibility of dehydration, a common problem for Alzheimer's patients.
  • Make mealtime relaxing and pleasant with enjoyable conversation or music the person prefers to hear. Avoid rushing the person to eat.

Recommended Yoga Asanas for Alzheimer’s disease:

You want to assist both mind and body at a time- there cannot be anything better than the Yoga because this is the yoga alone which can assist both the body and mind. There are certain Yoga Asanas and Pranayams which have proven wonderful to get rid of the problems like Alzheimer's disease. Before you start asking the preson with Alzheimer's disease to start the Yoga exercise- keep in mind the following two things- 

  • Regular Yogasna and Pranayama can reduce agitation. It will also promote a feeling of well-being and help with sleep.
  • If the patient resists exercise, try to find ways to make it more interesting. Take a walk through a park or modify a type of physical activity he used to enjoy, such as throwing a soft football. Encourage playfulness by laughing or pointing out things in nature. Try dancing with person with Alzheimer's disease as a way of promoting physical activity.

The most beneficial Yogasanas  for Alzheimer's dieases are: