Rasayana Therapy

Age is a virtue or a vice- hard to say exactly.

When every one of us was young we thought that once I will grow up I will do this- I will do that and this quest never ends once we came to know that we are old enough to grow more things shift on other side. We want to go back to the younger days but time starts sliding from one end to the other end, as it happens with the sand in hour glass.

Truth is Death! We all know this. Still this is hard to accept! Surely it is hard enough to believe, but it is not that bad as it sounds.

We call human body Sharir in Sanskrita. Sharir means- which decays continuously. This is the exact definition of the human body by a medical science. Every living creature lives within a time frame. This time frame is as short as a day for some small creatures and can be of hundreds of years as happens in case of a tortoise. So we are in a frame and we cannot expand this time frame by force or by magic. We will have to follow the rule of “expiry date” labelled with us.

This never means that we all need to believe that we are just ending! We have opportunities and chances to enhance the beauty of this frame.

Surely you have seen some movies. Few movies are extraordinarily lengthy and everybody of us keeps on waiting for an end of such movies and on contrary to this few movies are so “small” that we wish that these should not end ever. Which one leaves a stronger impact on all of us; we need not to discuss that here. Same is life. It might be small but it should leave an impact which will last long.

This is Ayurveda! Ayurveda never talks about years, as few people translate it. Ayurveda can add some years to your life or not....I am not sure but I am damn sure that Ayurveda will add some life to your years!! This is the way Ayurveda thinks about life and longevity. Few people might have sold something to increase the age of yours but that is not true! Not that true as it was told to you.

We can slowdown the process of ageing with help of Ayurveda. Ageing is considered as a disease when it attacks someone before time, because in this case this challenges the time frame. Rasayana is a proven technique to delay the process of aging and to ensure the long lasting health in every condition.

Rasayana is a combination of two words- Rasa and Ayana. Rasa stands for the digested part of the food what we can call food sap and ayana means the passage!

Human body is a meshwork of the channels, these channels are linked to one another and these are similar to the mother board of your computer where different paths cross and meet each other and process information. Similarly these different channels inside the body process the food inside and result is a quality or a trait what we all know as Life.

Whenever we consume a food, we eat it to share its “life”. This is the life of a food which nourishes the same trait inside us this trait is life. When there will be a blockage or a confusion inside the channels- this trait of life cannot be shared properly. So this will surely reduce the life span and quality of the life both.

In case of word Rasayana- it means that the herbs/supplements which will clear the channels and make the food sap available to every cell. So Rasayana are not some miraculous combinations which will change the due course of treatment- this is the only a way to provide the best to the body to behave in a best way. This is the process where you change the due course of the age with the help of Ayurveda.

Rasayana therapy is of many types but the main type is the supplements like Chayawanprash, Agastya Haritaki or Amalki Rasayana etc. These should be consumed regularly which will open all the occluded channels so that body will get the proper nourishment and will be working in the best condition. This type of Rasayana comes under the category of Vatatapika Rasyanas because these can be used while working and doing a normal routine. Second one is Naimitik Rasyana- when there are certain diseases and we are planning for Rasayanas to cure that particular disease. This second type Rasyana is being done for a particular purpose.