Online Ayurveda Consultation

Proper Diagnosis is the most important for the right treatment” ~ Charaka Samhita

This is the best statement of the Medical world, in terms of treatments. Most of the medical sciences believe that medicines are enough to treat and manage the conditions but Ayurveda is a not of that opinion. First thing is the right diagnosis of the problem and to underline the causes of the problem, this is the only way one can eradicate the diseases, properly. Until unless one is not sure that what are the causes of a disease and what the problem is exactly, how can one make some decisions about the treatment. This is the reason, we ask you to make a good diagnosis of your problems.

We have a complete team of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) who are dedicated and committed to provide you the best and proper solutions for your health. They are appointed for your health maintenance.

We have four types of online consultation facilities with us, for your ease.

Online Ayurveda Consultation

  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Live Chat
  • Email Consultation
  • Personal Consultation

Telephonic Consultation: Give us a call on 0091-141-2441724 and you will be with a well qualified Ayurvedic Physician to guide you for the best solution for your health. Before you call please keep all your medical records along with you so that it will help us to make a good diagnosis of your condition. We regard your privacy and we won’t share any of your problems with anyone, so be confident once sharing your problems with us.
If you are going to call us, it will be great if you will register yourself as a member of eVaidyaJi Wellness, so that we will have an idea about your problem and your Doshas, Click Here.

Online Chat Consultation: Want to chat with our Experts! We will be opening the chat session for different conditons and problems time to time, all detail about this will be posted on the social networking sites time to time, so if you wish to chat with our physicians about certain problems, join us on facebook  and twitter from here you will be updated time to time about these sessions. Dr Ayurveda

Email Consultation: You can also send us an email @ - vaidya[@] and one of our efficient team members will reach to you with the best solution for your health. This services will be slower due to the load of the emails on our team.  Dr Ayurveda

Personal Consultation: If you need personal consultation from our Vaidyas Personally , you can reach us at Jaipur Centre. This will be a paid program and you need to book the appointment with our physicians in advance.
We will be coming with more locations very soon and will be posting you with newsletters. 
Dr Ayurveda