Menu For Cardiac Diseases

Diet is the most essential part of a Cardiac Patient, because this is very much clear that cardiac diseases are mainly and mostly caused by the improper selection of foods and irregular pattern of the diet. We have discussed the rule regulations for diet before this is how, the rules for diet should be implemented. This is the sample menu for the cardiac patients





Mid Morning




Mid Afternoon





Fresh Whole Fruit juice

With  one bowl of fruit salad

Herbal Tea

(Cardiac Care Tea)


5-6 Cloves of Garlic with warm water

Whole wheat phulka/Roti (with a little ghee) with baked or lightly cooked  vegetables, Fat free yogurt, Little Salad of tomato and cucumber

5 to 6 Kernels of Walnut with Low Fat Milk

Whole Wheat Roti/Phulka/Bread with mix vegetable, I katori Dal and a small bowl of grapes


Wholegrain breakfast cereal with skimmed milk


Puffed rice with skimmed milk

Tea/Coffee with skimmed milk

2 cups of cooked Rice and Dal with some Salad and Low Fat Buttermilk

5 to 6 well soaked Almonds with Tea/Coffee

2 Chapatis+1 Katori of Daal + Mix Veg + Small quantity of Salad


Wholegrain bread/toast

with Tea or Coffee

Whole Grape Juice

1 Katori brown rice+2 Katoris of green well cooked vegetable+1 katori of Moong Dal+ Little Salad and Hot water to  sip

Green Tea with a small bowl of fruit Salad

Dosa and Sambhar with tomato Chutney


Fruit Salad with whole orange juice

Walnuts (5 to 6 kernels) with skimmed milk

2 Chapatis+1 Katori of Green Vegetable+ 1 Katori of Rice + Masoor Dal+ Green Salad

Cardiac Care Tea (Herbal Tea) with Whole wheat crackers

Mixed Vegetable Pulao (with brown rice), Channa masala, Mint raita, Cantaloupe


Idli (2 Pcs) with Sambhar without coconut chutteny

Green Tea with roasted sunflower seeds

Whole Wheat phulkas/Rotis (with little oil/ghee), Alu methi, Dal palak, Green salad, Yogurt (fat free)

Skimmed Milk (1 Cup) with honey and Ginger

Brown Rice, Beans sabzi/ with Masoor dal, Cucumber salad and few  Strawberries


Simple Chapati/Phulka, non fried with fat free Yogurt

4 to 5 pieces of the Plum


1 Roti/ 2Phulka + 2 Katoris of Okra (Bhindi) + 1 Katori of Moong Dal

Butter milk to sip with

1 Bowl of Mixed Fruit Salad

Simple Wheat Pasta with Vegetables, 8 Cubes of Grilled tofu, Corn and bean and cucumber salad


Bread Toast with Ginger Honey


Tea and Coffee

Low fat Buttermilk with Cumin seeds and Saidhava Salt

Whole wheat Bread+ Whole Rice (Brown) + Well Cooked Beans+ low Fat Yogurt

Roasted rice with milk and coffee

2 small phulkas/ 1 large bread+ 1 Katori of Poha + 1 Katori of Fresh fruits+ 1 Katori Moong Dal


1 Katori = ½ Cup

Reffer to the Diet guidelines for Cardica Diseases

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