Medohara Guggulu

Medohara Guggulu: Medo means the fat and hara means to remove. So a Guggulu formulation which helps in expelling out the unnecessary fat from the body is Medohara Guggulu. Medohara Guggulu increases the basic metabolic rate of the body thus increasing consumption of deposited fats. As the basic metabolic rate will increase there will be lesser tendency for fat deposition which will minimize the chances of recurrence of the problem. Besides the fat deposited in abdomen; Medohara Guggulu also works well in unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is also recommended as a preventive supplement for above said health problems. 

Key Ingredients Indications
  • Maricha
  • Pippali
  • Chitrakmool
  • Amalaki
  • Haritaki
  • Bibhitaki
  • Guggulu
  • Extra fats in the Body
  • High BMI
  • Pregnancy related weight gain
  • Slow metabolism
  • Disturbed liver functions
  • High cholesterol Level
Medohara Guggulu

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Medohara Guggulu
  • Maricha:  Maricha expels out the excessive Kapha, Aama and other toxins from the body so it can be used effectively in all metabolic disorders.  
  • Pippali:  Pippali is a drug of choice for reduces the extra kilos from the body because of his digestive and carminative properties. 
  • Chitrakmool: Chitrakmool ignites the digestive fire- removes all the extra Kapha from the body and replenishes the channels.
  • Amalaki: Amalaki reduced the effects of a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet. It protects the arteries and prevent the damage that normally occurs when there is an accumulation of fatty plaques.
  • Haritaki: Haritaki due to its lekhaniya (scraping) property it removes unnecessary deposit of fat and toxins from the body. 
  • Bibhitaki: Bibhitaki is used as a rejuvenating herb but it is specially recommended in all Kapha diseases. Obesity is one of them.
  • Guggulu: Removes the blockages from the micro channels and maintains the normal physiology of the body 
How to Use

Medohara Guggulu: the dose for Medohara Guggulu is 3 tablets with hot water twice daily. 


Medohara Guggulu: This Guggulu formulation is specially indicated to remove the unwanted fat from the body. As soon as the unnecessary fat is removed from the body; all the lipids will come in healthy range.