Live Support

The main problem with most of the corporate wellness programs is the availability of the people related with the wellness program, when someone needs them. This makes most of the companies to appoint some regular medical professionals in job to assist their staff to stay healthy. A research study completely rejects appointments of these medicos, because none of the employees will wish to share any medical details with these doctors. It is a general consideration that these medicos, available in the company campus, are just dummies to fulfil the rules and regulations.

It doesn’t apply with the companies which are providing full fledged complete medical facilities to their employees.

Once we say hand holding….we understand meaning of this. This is the reason before planning anything for the corporate wellness we have planned to provide 24x7 physicians to you.

Employees will be in a company only for 24x7, not possible, so it doesn’t make any sense to appoint any of the medical assistants in your campus. For this, we have brought the e-Concept from the name of eVaidyaJi. “e” in eVaidyaJi stands for- every time, everywhere. So you just need to login to your profile and click on the LIVE CHAT and there will be someone to assist you and your health.

E Support also includes the QUCIK TIME RESPONSE. In QUCIK TIME RESPONSE we assure you to answer your emails within next 10 minutes except the climatic or national emergency conditions which includes- technological problems, power failure, communication failure etc.

E Support cannot assist you in Emergency Condition. This is for general conditions. Our corporate wellness program covers medical issues but these should not be emergency condition. The live eSupport will include-

1.    Dietician/Dietitian Services: to assist you with queries regarding the Diet/Food

2.    Herbalist: To assist your questions about some general health issues, where home remedies can work.

3.    Ayurvedic Physician: To assist you with the Ayurvedic consultation for certain problems and conditions

4.    Physician: To guide you for some of the allopathic medicines.

5.    Psychology Consular: To assist you in copping up with stress, anxiety and other issues.

6.    Your Health Coach: A person to whom you are known will be there to support you for particular timings.

All your personal details will remain personal in all conditions because we know how to regard your privacy and maintain this.

We also use other mediums to assist you other than the live support format on website, for this we will be updating your company page with all the details.