Lifestyle Winters

Woollens, caps, body warmers, gloves when outside and quilt, blankets, room heater – when inside! This is thought to be the best lifestyle for the winters. Is it really enough for us to stay healthy? These are the measures we take to stay away from the diseases. What we do to stay healthy? The same question here, whatever we do we do to stay away from diseases, this is really very rare that we will be concerned about the preservation of the health. Let’s plan something for the health too.

Before we plan, we should be sure that for what we are planning and what we need to combat through our planning-

Dryness due to coldness!

Stiffness due to low temperature!

Improper blood supply to the extremities!

These are the three things which should be combated by proper planning of the lifestyle.

First, people have an idea that by steam and sauna- they will be benefited against the winters and effects of winters. This is not true, at all! Whether this is the heat by steam or by sauna- it will end up in loss of water from body and this is the only thing which will increase the dryness in the body. So you should take a steam/sauna once you have get a good Ayurvedic Massage or apply good amount oil to your body- if you are trying the same at home.

So applying good amount of oil to the body is the first measure to combat the dryness. For reduce the dryness- reduce the use of the air heater! This increases the dryness to excessive amount. There are many people who wish to walk in the rooms, without any winter clothing and this is the only reason for them to use the air heaters! So stop doing this, to preserve your health.

Stiffness is the side effect of the cold and dryness both. Once you have one, the other will appear so you should control the both to stay healthy. Proper oleation in diet will help you to reduce the problem. The kit for winters is made to control all these problems of your body. Check here.

The best thing for the “overweight” people is- you can lose your weight easily and without any complications- because this is the season for you to do something against your extra kilos. Generally it is seen that the weight conscious people will be worried about weight only in summers because in winters everyone can “undercover” their overweight!

These are some of the tips you should follow. For complete knowledge about Diet, Yoga and Lifestyle for winter seaso please register and log on to your profile to get all the details.