Institutional Wellness

School and college days are the most important days of one’s life, because a base is being prepared and nurtured during these years. These are the days when everyone of u learns to behave, eat, select and deselect. These days are the base years for every body of us.

Health is a result of habits. All these habits are decided exactly during the same period of the life. So health of the later years will be the matter of how we are making a base for the health in present years. This is the reason eVaidyaJi Health Care Pvt. Ltd. has brought the institutional wellness program for the first time in India. All this we do in four different steps:

Need of the Institutional Wellness Program:

Nowadays, newer challenges are appearing towards the health of individual and diseases are shifting their “age-bar”. Once childhood was considered to be the healthiest period for anybody but nowadays children are in a grip of the different diseases, this makes important to have wellness program installed in institutions. These are certain benefits of institutional wellness program, which are as follows:

1.     Enhanced Performance

2.     Good health results in good “sportsmanship”

3.     Good behavior

4.     Overall health

Beside all this, once we can diagnose/underline a disease of an individual in early age that will make it easy to cure/treat the condition and will help to eradicate the disease completely.

The hazardous modern day medicines are also a challenge for the health of everyone and we should understand that nobody should be given these medicines on a regular basis, this again makes a sense to choose an Ayurveda based institutional wellness program.

Our Institutional Wellness Program is for schools and colleges both. Health cannot be bounded with age, so we have different plans for different age groups.

If you want to offer Good Health with Good Education to your students, contact us our Wellness Program Coordinator

Dr. Pardeep Sharma @ 09214302965