Idea Behind eVaidyaJi

One more website on Ayurveda- someone else also with some herbs and herbal supplements and some details about health according to Ayurveda. This was the first thought when we thought about but the thought process and concept with eVaidyaJi was entirely different so we were relaxed and here we are presenting the idea to you, in a complete.

Three words were there when we started working with and these were-


Care for the health of the healthy persons

Cure for the diseases and

Prevention of the diseases

These three words are basic theme of the These are not simple words with us, the definition of these three words is different for everybody of us in organization. Here is that how we explain Care, Cure and Prevention


Complete Health
Always there for you
Result oriented Practices
Easy to follow


Cracking myths about healing
User friendly
Recovery that lasts long
Eradication of the disease complete


Protecting Health
Rejuvenating vigor & vitality
Eradicating disease causing factors
Emphasis on your whole body not parts
Natural Completely
Timely response
Individualized care for everyone
Nurturing your innerself

These three words are our mission and vision also and reason behind bringing Ayurveda in a complete and authentic form. There are many people who developed good sites with a great information about Ayurveda but we found that like other health sciences we have been similarly disease oriented, which is wrong.

Ayurveda was never and cannot be disease oriented. Ayurveda is purely about health and how to manage the health. eVaidyaJi is more about health then diseases. eVaidyaJi is a thought an idea by a complete team of physicians. eVaidyaJi is not a project by someone for web industry or an industry. We have only one thing in our minds and that is what we know as- Wellness or Health!