How to use this site

The most important is to know about that how to use a product and this made us to write about this. This page will give you an idea that how should you use this website, so that you can utilize the in the best possible way. Ultimate aim of making this website is to assist you to gain your complete health through Ayurveda, Yoga and other best natural ways. Here it is important to share the motive behind

  •  To provide the authentic information about health and wellness
  •  To assist all to gain complete health
  •  To offer the right solutions for all conditions
  •   To bring the authentic knowledge base about health

These are the motives of the; we are not here just to promote a science or system and to degrade another one. So it becomes important to know about how to use the site-

We have divided the in three different sections for a common user-

  1.  Personal Part 
  2.  Informational Part 
  3. Solutions Part

Personal Part: This is the part of the website where you can LOGIN to a location on website where you will have details about your Doshas; you can calculate the health risks and also will have a lot of personal information about different matters, related to your health. We have classified the profiling part in three categories- BASIC/PREMIUM and EXECUTIVE (Here you can find the benefits of Login!). On your profile page you will find all the relevant information about your health like- Ayurvedic Diet Guidelines, Ayurvedic Diet Plans, Yoga Plans and Lifestyle Plans- these all will be personalized once you upgrade your membership!

Informational Part: There is abundance of material on the site, which will assist you to be updated about the relevant issues of your health. We are updating the blog regularly and you can add us with your Social Media tools so that you will be updated about all the moves on We are dedicated to crack the myths and to bring the right and authentic solutions to you. This social media part is to create a relation and to start a “Hand-holding” with you to a platform what we can say- Complete Health.

Solutions Part: Online Consultations, Personal Consultation, Phone Consultation- we have several options to fulfill your needs for your health and to provide you the best solutions to stay healthy. Beside this consultation part we are also committed to give you the right information about use of the several products and also about the basic details about the herbs and other Ayurvedic Supplements.

So the best way to get the optimum and best results for your health, you should make a profile on the website then you will be able to get some personalized details for your health and we will keep on updating you about your health via different mediums.