Hormones and You

Nowadays hormonal problems are increasing quite excessively. These problems include- Imbalance of Thyroid, improper behaviour of the sex hormones or this might be a problem with the pituitary. Few years back these conditions were uncommon but now every second third person is suffering one of these problems.

No successful treatment has been offered till now by Modern Day Medical System. They have some pills to be taken regularly and that too not to cure, these are only for management of the things so that there won’t be any complications and further deterioration- this is a quite impressive way, no doubt. But we should have some cure and treatment for these conditions. Ayurveda is a hard believer of cure and treatment.

For cure and treatment it is important to know about the reason behind the disease. You remove the cause and effect will disappear itself. Effect (diseases) is only the manifestation of the underlying causes, which induce diseases. These causes can be like improper diet and lifestyle and on psychological level these can be stress, depression and anxiety.

Hormones are the connectors between body and mind, these carry the information to the body from mind and maintains the mutual working of the both the systems. The entire information moves to and fro through the hormonal bridge and make the body and mind to work in a tuning. Once, any of these two parts is disturbed, hormonal system will be effected and there will be problems with the body and mind as a result. So for the wellness of the both physical and psychological parts it is important to have a sound hormonal system with the body.

Hormones generally have two types of problems-

1.     When body is producing excess of hormones- these are the hyper conditions, when gland start out flowing excess of the hormones and body accumulates too much of the hormones.

2.     Second is the condition when body produces lesser hormones than the requirements, that is also a condition of problem, because again in this conditions there will be imbalance of the required hormonal levels.

Ayurveda understand the conditions on the same two axis. One dimension is that where body has something in excess and the other condition is where body has deprivation of the adequate supply. This second condition can be of two types- first – where body produces or maintains something in adequate quantity but quality of the same is not proper; other one is; where body has quantitative deprivation of something.

So in case of hormonal problem, we need to maintain the normal quality and quantity both, for complete wellness.

Stress is the main cause which brings the bad effects on the hormonal levels of the body. The main gland of endocrinal system- Pituitary is also known as Neurohypophysis, because this is a part of the brain tissue. Pituitary alias the master gland of the body works in accordance with the hypothalamus part of the brain. Hypothalamus is a part where all kind of emotions take place right from the happiness, sorrow up to the higher level of emotions like- sex and envoy. These all reactions/ emotions of the mind directly affect the working of the master gland which as a result bring the imbalance in hormonal levels. This is the reason alone that modern day scientists are obsessed about the limbic system nowadays and they are trying to establish that there is some relation between- psychological and physical parts of the body.

They are trying to rename something, to which Ayurveda is well known from the very start.

Ayurvedic Doshas are the alone medical “concepts” which cover both the physical and psychological traits of the body. This makes Ayurveda a better science for understanding of the concepts of hormones and relation of hormones properly.

Once you are sure what your Dosha Body type is - it will be always easy for you to understand that for what kind of problems you are prone. This is the main principle of Ayurveda that you should have a proper knowledge- how can you prevent the diseases to appear.