Health Seminars

Right information and education is the base of every good planning. When it comes to health, we need more accurate education about answers- how to maintain health. In this education we need to know about favourable and avoidable both, so that we can avoid all kind of risks and diseases, in time.

Myths are the part of the knowledge about the health. These men-made myths are based on half knowledge and these myths together make a complete database to stay healthy for common man. We keep on thinking that we are doing perfect for our health still diseases keep on attacking us. Few of these myths and their side effects are here-

Drink maximum water for glowing skin: This is famous among ladies and girls (who make a great part of any staff nowadays). By doing so, skin will be healthy or not- not sure yes this will distort the digestion-metabolism and working of the body- for sure.

Eating sprouts is healthiest thing: Most of the health conscious people are practicing this but none is sure about the side effects of this high protein remedy- where list of side effects contain disease like cancer also.

Having juice of Aloe, Amla, Lauki (gourds) is the healthiest Ayurveda way to maintain the health: many are affected by this  thought nowadays, which is “not useful” on one side and on other side this can cause many side effects on the body, which are not shared by any of these – juice promoters.

Lemon-Honey with hot water early morning: This is famous remedy for reducing extra fats from the body. But in years none will lose anything, it will only distort the working of the body by bringing extra dryness in the body.

These are just four from the database of the millions of such myths about the tricks to maintain the health. These myths are causing many diseases. So if we can avoid these myths, we can surely get rid of about 26% of the diseases in a shot.

These seminars for employee wellness are aimed according to this prospective also. The seminars eVaidyaJi Wellness will be doing with your employee will be of three types-

Myth cracking seminars

Educative Seminars- Seminars on Diet- lifestyle; Workshop on ergonomics etc

Seminars according to needs of your company- Job related problems and their solutions etc.

This threefold program is to cover all the dimensions of the health of your employees and we keep these seminars more like an interactive workshop. Monologue has very less chances for some clarification so we believe in dialogue.

We consider the data collected from your company, personal details of employee and environment of your company before planning a seminar for your company. This makes us astonished- how people carry a presentation and start to discuss the same with employees or anybody without knowing the problem of the group they are addressing.

If you want to plan a seminar in your company with experts of eVaidyaJi Wellness, please give us fifteen days time to know about your company. We don’t work on either readymade or spontaneous thoughts when it comes to Health of someone. We know the importance of the health and know perfectly how to plan health.