Health Guide


Diet, Lifestyle, Yoga- these are three dimensions of the health. When one has all the knowledge about all these three, one can maintain and manage health to its best. These are the main concept of Ayurveda also. If you look at the most of the diseases in the list which can disable or kill are the diseases linked with the Diet and Lifestyle- heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Secondly, when we see the complete paradigm- all the diseases are related to the Diet and Lifestyle end of the day. We have all the possibilities of all the diseases, these are diet and lifestyle- which work as triggers for these diseases. We have kidneys for kidney diseases, what we need are- triggers! Either diet or lifestyle or both together will be the part of the course of a disease.

When it comes to your employee, the lifestyle and diet both are improper in most of them. So they have more and more possibilities of being diseased. Health guide is all about these three dimensions for your employee. The wellness of employee starts from these basic parts. What others offer till date- the pre-procedures for us- blood tests, biometric screening are thought to be the complete program—but real wellness program starts from here.

Health guide contains:

Diet Guidelines: How you need to maintain your diet, will be detailed here. What should you eat and what should be the planning of the diet and food…everything will be there in your plan.

Diet Plans: Diet charts and all will be individual diet charts and here we will consider your preferences for sure.

Lifestyle Guidelines: What you need to do and what is to avoid for maintaining your health in complete is being discussed in this part.

Yoga Plan: Complete yoga plan for your fitness- for physical, psychological and spiritual wellness—all 3 D wellness will be provided to you. Yoga sessions will also be maintained for you and your company time to time to make you perfect in practice of the Yoga.

All these details will be formed according to individual’s requirement and everything will be completely personalized. To make these comprehensive details for you we will be using all the data collected from the company or from employee. So everything will be according to your “exact” requirements.

All the Ayurvedic Diet Charts, which will be inside the Diet plans will be reviewed and updated every 15 or 30 days or according to the program and package of a company.

So you will get everything in this part to maintain your health and to get rid of diseases.

All these details will be available online on the left of profile and one can assess all these details anywhere, anytime.